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    BTU - Bluetooth Unit Update

    I'm in the same boat as xplorer. I contacted DJI a week ago and of course, no response. BTU will allow Naza M iPhone app to login but won't get past the firmware mismatch.
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    New Phantom does not 'take-off' from ground at full throttle

    Re: New Phantom does not 'take-off' from ground at full thro When you put the top cover on, is it aligned properly so the red sticker stripes area lines up with the bottom part? I made the mistake of having it a quarter turn off and it looked as though my props were on correctly because they...
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    Lines in GoPro footage

    Yup, Those lines are very common when the sun is in such a position 10:00-11:00 and 1:00-2:00 or that it is causing the prop shadows to break up the sun flare on your GoPro lens at a similar frequency to your GoPro shutter speed. Think of a photo flash or strobe light on a CMOS sensor. Very...
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    Flyaway Survey TX Type

    I had a flyaway with a Futaba T8J. All was going smooth and then as I was about 80 feet descending, My Phantom tilted 45 degrees and full throttled away from me and towards some tall trees. Sticks were non-responsive at all. I flipped into manual mode and regained stick control. It then circled...
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    Flyaway Survey TX Type

    Futaba TBJ
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    Is the DJI iOSD unit compatible with the Upgrade Board?

    Apparently, the Phantom upgrade board V1 (P330CB-H3-2D) is NOT compatible with DJI Mini iOSD or the BT Module due to the missing Can-Bus connector. I've heard a V2 version of the Phantom upgrade board is being manufactured now and will be available soon which will be compatible with the DJI...
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    New firmware 3.16 out

    3.16 update now working for me. Just updated. Will perform a test flight later today! Yay!
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    New firmware 3.16 out

    It doesn't brick the phantom because it won't even let you update the firmware.
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    New firmware 3.16 out

    Definitely a bug with the 2.16 Naza M Assistant app. I had no problems updating to 3.14 with the Naza M Assistant 2.14 app. With Naza M 2.16 I'm getting the same errors as everyone else. It won't let you access any of the tabs except the update tab and it tells you no updates are available...