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    Wild takeoffs

    Did you calibrate the controller sticks?
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    Inteligent battery specs.

    The few places I've seen the "C" rating stated for our batteries, it has been 10C. Without rehashing N017RW's math above, it means our little battery, at a 10C or 52Ah discharge rate, would be depleted after about 6 minutes, probably ruined and pretty darn warm, too. These are all white-paper...
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    Abraham Lincoln was my passenger

    Haven't you heard? They're made in China now, along with everything else.
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    A horror film starring a Phantom 2 Vision Plus...

    Will there be a "Phantom of the Opera"?
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    Useful LED upgrade

    I don't know if this will be helpful, but I attached a large mirror to the top of my flight-box. I launch from the top of the box and can see all of the LEDs quite easily reflected in the mirror.
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    Complete UAV n00b - seeking tips/links

    I'd suggest you stand right there and wave your arms about wildly in hopes that one of the pilots loitering in Central Cali will arrange for you to have a demo.
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    FPV booster doesn't know where I am

    Great alibi if you ever want to knock over a convenience store. "As you can see, officer, I wasn't anywhere where near the place."
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    Limefuel 6000Mah Available

    rbhamilton - I had the same issue. I'm still on 3.08. After recycling power on Phantom, Phone, RC and Wi-Fi 5 times I gave up and contacted Limefuel. They said send it back and they'll send me a new one. They were quick to respond via email, so I'm confident that they'll have another in the...
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    Limefuel 6000Mah Available

    Not today, but I have a long distance ground station flight in mind for tomorrow AM. Sad to say, but I have more trust in this untested Limefuel battery than I do in the DJI batteries that I've been using.
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    Limefuel 6000Mah Available

    I never heard anything from Limefuel about my preorder, but my L60P just arrived via USPS. YEA!
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    Don't Fly to Istanbul!

    This maybe one of those times we should police ourselves. I've sent an email to the Republic of Turkey General Directorate Of State Airports Authority outing this guy and asking if they can do something about stopping him from endangering others and giving our hobby a black eye. I might...
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    9" Step Stool for TakeOff and Landing

    Is there a possibility that the quad is getting different thrust from each prop? If one or more props are over the stool and the other(s) are over the edge it might cause the quad to tip as it lifts off.
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    UNOFFICIAL Vision App for Android (Distance, Speed, etc) v11

    Re: UNOFFICIAL Vision App for Android (Distance, Speed, etc) Agreed. I,too, didn't understand it, but I'll defend to the death your right to confuse me!
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    UNOFFICIAL Vision App for Android (Distance, Speed, etc) v11

    Re: UNOFFICIAL Vision App for Android (Distance, Speed and M +++1 Mr. Coffee - As soon as you have the new version "patched", I'll make another donation to the coffee fund. Until then, I'm staying with the UNOFFICIAL version.
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    UNOFFICIAL Vision App for Android (Distance, Speed, etc) v11

    Re: UNOFFICIAL Vision App for Android (Unlimited GS Distance There. You should be able to get 2-3 espressos at Starbucks.