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    X1 dead after firmware 4.0. HELP??

    Yes I did and GIMBAL page is correct with X1. Tried to calibrate using the assistant and meanwhile turning the screw in the RC, but nothing moves in the calibrating area...
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    reciever PPM no longer works

    I have selected D-Bus after all the same problems. everything is working I think, except my X1 lever switch to tilt the GoPro on the Zenmuse Gimbal. It stays tilted down.... :( Anyone??? Please help!
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    X1 dead after firmware 4.0. HELP??

    Hi all, Just this weekend installed my new Zenmuse H3 and the upgrade board, updated firmware to 4.0 and calibrated everything. Now my RC won't go in PPM mode, but D-Bus and everything seems to work except for the X1 lever to tilt the GoPro. Cannot calibrate it, slider just won't move. So now my...
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    Suddenly..nothing? Transmitter issue?

    Same here... :cry: after upgrading firmware to 4.0, mounting the Zenmuse and going trough all the Calibration cycles, RC is into d-bus and and wont go to PPM. also x1 does'nt function, so my GoPro is tilted down... :? Dealer is emailing DJI because of many similar issues with other clients, so...