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    Goggles fogging

    Every time I put on these goggles I get fogging on the top inside part of the screen. Has anyone had this happen?
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    Litchi mission and no-fly zone

    I was pretty close to an airport
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    Litchi mission and no-fly zone

    Just happened to me today. Strange the dji,go app let me fly in this airspace, but the litchi app did not.
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    Litchi mission and no-fly zone

    The mission will upload and then it will say that the mission cannot start because the mission goes into a no fly zone
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    P4 still acting crazy over water

    After updating to latest software, Imu and compass calibration I flew today over a lake. No wind, water was very calm. Flew about 2 feet over the water. Tried with oa on and oa off, P4 was very erratic. Kept rising about 10 feet and was drifting a little bit as well. When not low over the...
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    Taking control during a Litchi mission?

    Yes. The pause button will stop the phantom 4 and hover. I have used it many times during a litchi waypoint mission.
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    Ok....need help to decide on my squeaky gimbal issue

    I just had the same issue and returned 3 to the Apple Store.. This 4th one makes no noises and seems fine. For this kind of money, don't settle for an inferior product. I always sell my phantoms when a new one comes out. I don't want to sell something that is squeaking.. Just my thoughts
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    Getting error message?

    now on my 2nd exchange from apple store. So I have tried a total of 3 Phantom 4s. Second one loud gimbal squeak on start up. now this 3rd one also makes a gimbal noise as well as giving me the same error message as the first one. Very frustrating. Back to Apple for another one. For this kind of...
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    Getting error message?

    Just got off the phone with Dji support. They said that is not normal. And if I still can exchange it at Apple that I should. I have 1 day left. Lol. I am going to exchange it at the Apple Store.
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    Getting error message?

    That's good to hear. I thought I,had a defective phantom. Thanks
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    Getting error message?

    I am getting this message while phantom is warming up. Once it warms up the message goes away and it says safe to fly gps and it flys just fine. Has anyone else seen this message? I can still return it to apple if this is not normal.
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    Does the pause button work while using Litchi App?

    Just wondering if the pause button works while flying a waypoint mission in Litchi