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    Polar Pro DJI Phantom 3 Filter 3-Pack

    This is a brand new, never opened package. • Includes Circular Polarizer, 2-stop ND, and 3-Stop ND Filters • Aluminum threaded design (updated) replaces stock UV filter • Ultra-light HD glass adds only (1.64g) Polz and (1.06g) ND's • Protects Phantom 3 lens from unexpected crashes - See more...
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    My best record in distance... So far...

    Hopefully ND filters will help eliminate the rolling shutter issues in most of these videos. I sold my P2 but held off on ordering until the first round of kinks are worked out. Maybe I'm just hoping for too much from this platform. I really, really want it to work though.
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    I hit the Max Height limit! 1654.2 FT!!!

    Yes I do and here is my opinion. After reading this thread, and many others on this site, I have concluded that there are many IDIOTS who own Phantoms.
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    P3P Night Footage

    And it's nothing a little tape can't fix if it becomes an issue.
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    GoPro 4 Hero blac vs Phantom 3 camera

    Agreed. While I think a lot of the jello can be mitigated, the aliasing is more worrisome to me than anything else.
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    Phantom 3 - Follow Me & Waypoint Flying

    Ah, you said first hand information, implying that you, yourself had used those features on a P3. I only asked for a source, because there are so many people on here and other forums that seem to be plucking "information" from thin air. If you have a connection to a DJI engineer, then I...
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    Advanced vs Professional

    You got that right!!!
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    Phantom 3 - Follow Me & Waypoint Flying

    Meaning you have a P3 that currently has those features? If not, can you please provide a source for your information?
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    SDK Thoughts for the Phantom 3

    That's all that was asked. It would be nice to separate actual facts from the rampant speculation that's all over this forum.
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    SDK Thoughts for the Phantom 3

    No one called you a liar. Can you cite your source or not?
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    I appreciate your offer, but I'm going to hold off on that for now. I bought them when they...

    I appreciate your offer, but I'm going to hold off on that for now. I bought them when they were still $159 each. I realize the price has dropped since then, but I don't need to unload them that bad. I do have a Pelican 1560 case, but I'm going to keep that. I like it too much. :)
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    My Brain Hurts!

    I am most intrigued by this obstetrical course you speak of. Can you elaborate? ;)
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    What are the P3's 'Dual Operator' features?

    This sounds very much like Course Lock. What is the difference between AR's Absolute Mode and DJI's Course Lock?
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    Interesting !!

    Any time soon on a DJI product? No.