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    Sun set with two suns.

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    Testing a battery mod on a Phantom 3 Pro

    AZ Quadcopters is that you.
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    Do believe I bricked my P3P

    This is very simple,, never update. I never update.
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    No image transmission signal - P3P

    Anyone know where to buy the board at???
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    Official P3 Range Leaderboard

    Just lurking to see what is going on.
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    Official P3 Range Leaderboard

    Hi there DB. I never post my distance. But nun of you are in danger. I got my bird unlocked, can go real fast. Just wander if you guys are doing this?? Pablo, That is incredible. Good job.
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    Hobby drone flown 33,000ft altitude

    Did anyone notice the Earth is flat...
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    Official P3 Range Leaderboard

    I remember when you made those. I steel got my cell tower.
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    I found Nibiru.

    You have to zoom it in.
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    I found Nibiru.