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    Greetings from Portland

    Welcome to the forums! The view from the sky is a great view, and flying the phantom itself is relaxing as well. I'm still flying my little fc40 and it's still fun to me. I don't get to fly as much as I used to, but I try to bring it out a couple times every weekend. I used to fly every day...
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    New Member Introduction, Wanting To Say Hello...

    Welcome to the forum!!! Nice looking quad ya got there. (had to make a post to let people know I'm still alive lol) Just a very busy month or two. I need a break. *yawn*
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    Do any of you pilots, have OTHER R/C interests, outside of MultiRotors?

    This thread makes me wish I just went the engineer route instead of becoming a technician. lol
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    I'm bored so I made a post

    I'm out now, I was just using up what I had left on my army grant. I still got another certification out of it for copper/cabling. I'm actually thinking about moving out to Kansas where one of my uncles live. He works at the Goodyear plant and makes a nice fat paycheck and said they're hiring. I...
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    Do any of you pilots, have OTHER R/C interests, outside of MultiRotors?

    I started with r/c cars, nothing fancy except one gas powered truck I had a long time ago. Later I got into r/c helicopters from 3 channel up to a 3d heli which I constantly crashed and repaired until I just gave up on it, and then of course the phantom fc40 and my little cheerson cx-10. I've...
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    I'm bored so I made a post

    I haven't flown in a while, might try to get out and make another video today if I can. I've been busy job hunting for the past week.
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    Computer help if possible

    I'm running at a blazing fast 5.40 Mb per sec, and my upload speed is an incredible .38Mb per sec. lol, Just one of the perks of living in the middle of nowhere with limited Internet options available to you :rolleyes:
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    Hey, Kitari and Oreo.....

    Nice video, made me laugh a little. RT looks like a big version of my black cat named Midnight. Only my black kitty very rarely meows or makes any sounds. She just waits in the dark for you to trip on her, and then runs off to another dark area. I should have called her ninja cat. :p
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    A Groaner but funny !

    no-ice juan may tee ;)
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    I got my FC40 last June or July and it's still going strong. Had a few hard crashes, and it didn't even phase it really, just a broken or bent prop here and there, and bent landing gear, but it's still flying. I also really like the fact that there's a ton of options when it comes to batteries...
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    Global Warming? Naw, Wyoming is blessed

    My uncle actually bought a green cake and had them put happy 4/20 on it... at wal-mart. When he asked the girl at the bakery to make it, she said "I'm pretty sure that's illegal, but sure". lol, unfortunately I wasn't able to celebrate this year due to having to look for a job, and ummm, oh yea...
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    Hello from the Jersey Shore

    Welcome to the forum! :p
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    Course lock, no Brainer!

    I could see how it could be useful, but I think it would mess me up if I tried to use it now.
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    Global Warming? Naw, Wyoming is blessed

    No snow in sight here, but now we have to look out for the tornadoes. :eek:
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    Time to start playing the lottery!

    That would be crazy if somebody won with those numbers, especially since I didn't get a ticket.