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    Surrey Aerial Films - A UK based aerial film amateur, just starting up and enjoying learning techniques from Phantom Pilots members
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    Whaley Bridge dam

    I live about 14 miles from London, but rarely go into the city. I spend most of my flying time out in the country flying over farms and fields. I want to fly over at Epsom next, where the Derby is held, I've a special licence to fly there. How about you?
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    Whaley Bridge dam

    Whaley Bridge dam – Cops patrol empty streets with DRONES after opportunist burglars raid evacuated home
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    Drone captures Great White shark

    Thanks Capt KO, fascinating and thanks for taking the time to reply [emoji106]
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    Drone captures Great White shark
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    Phantom 3SE Radio Control

    Hi Steve, Thanks for you reply, it's really interesting hearing the different viewpoints in here. I must admit, when I watched videos of people dropping hot glue onto terminals, I was a little surprised, especially given the DJI choose not to do that on the SE. Maybe a silicon would be better?
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    Phantom 3SE Radio Control

    Hi Guys, Apologies, in advance of this post, as I'm sure it would of been discussed previously, but I thought it worth a mention. I opened up my SE radio control unit, as I'm going to fit the ARGtek Signal Range Extender and noticed that DJI did not hot glue the actual terminals for the WiFi...