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    Dark Blob on Camera Image

    I've got this dark blob on my images and videos. It's not so noticeable on stills, but when you pan on a light background it really shows up. I first noticed it after a crash. I had to replace my props, but other than that it came back fine. Of course when I first noticed it I thought it was...
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    Transport Canada's Updated UAV Rules

    Today Transport Canada posted their new UAV Rules. That's a lot of words. At first glance I don't see a difference....
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    Did anybody lose a Phantom in Grimsby, Ontario?

    On July 19 somebody saw a "drone" land on the roof of a store in town. They called 911 and the P3 was retrieved. It would have to be a fly-away of some sort. I don't know if any efforts were made to find the owner, so I just thought I'd post it here.
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    Maps Made Easy by Drones Made Easy?

    I've used this quite a lot and really like it. What are you having trouble with?
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    P3P just delivered - W323 not A

    Open it up! Get out there and have fun with it. Often you don't hear about all the good news. I ordered mine as soon as they came out. I've logged over 45 hours and over 400km. I tipped it over once on startup and another time it got sucked into a pine tree. Both times I had no problems. Having...
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    How many kilometres/miles have you flown your phantom.

    I've got 44 hrs 58 min. 1,310,907 ft (399.667km) in 224 flights. I ordered my P3A 2 days after launch and and my first flight was on May 22. It's been a good summer. :D
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    Buy from DJI, ship to Canada

    That was my experience. I got my P3A back in the spring and there were absolutely no extra charges. Just the friggin' exchange rate.
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    "Map Loading" on all flights since August 3

    I was wrong about the date Oso. It seemed to start Sept 11. It must be related to the iOS 9 issue. Thanks. Flight Records showing Map Loading by JdotB posted Oct 12, 2015 at 8:58 AM
  9. Flight Records showing Map Loading

    Flight Records showing Map Loading

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    "Map Loading" on all flights since August 3

    In my Flight Records, it always used to say the location of the flight, but since August 3 all my flights continue to display Map Loading. Not sure if that's related to an update. Any ideas?
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    YouTube is a pain...

    When I post on YouTube I sometimes get the copyright warning, but it basically says that the artist is ok with it and I can't monetize it. I just leave it posted and agree to the terms. Maybe I'm missing something, or there are varying degrees of copyright infringement.
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    Newfoundland: St. John's, Cape Spear, Signal Hill, Gros Morne. Beautiful places, but the sun doesn't shine there much.....
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    Silver props harder to install than black

    Mine too. It's not the prop. It's the thread. Silver one on the front leg.
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    Hard case and antenna damage

    I cut the strap off.