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    Alright, up for sale is my Phantom 3 pro with a bunch of other great gear to get you flying! I love this P3, and the whole Dji line up, but I just don't have time to fly anymore, I'm building race quads now in days, but if you are looking for a clean P3 that has never been crashed, look no...
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    Phantom 3 Professional w/xtras 800.00

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    Got to get me some of these............ FPV glasses. :)

    I have owned the bt-200s and they were awesome when I owned the P2V+. But I have also owned the Sony HMZ-TW3's and they are the clearest view for FPV on the market, but that comes with a high sticker price. I sold both because I could not stand the cables hanging from the goggles to the all in...
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    Anyone else bothered by...

    +1 on hand launching...
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    No ATTI mode?

    Haa! Yeah I remember people doing that with the old P2V+ when it can out just for craps and giggles.:D
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    Best place to buy?

    Massdrop is selling the mavic pro for 899.99 for those who are interested. I have not read all of the info for the page, but you can research it if you are interested. Just thought I would share a good deal.
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    DJI, whats with the crazy Max. width of the phone for the TX!?!?!?!

    Almost every video I have seen, DJI uses an apple product for some reason, but I do agree with the thread starter, and I guess meta, that if you want to target the masses for large profit margins, its probably best to advertise release videos with both apple and android.
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    DJI, whats with the crazy Max. width of the phone for the TX!?!?!?!

    So what your saying is....If you have an iPhone.....Your good to go!:D That's what kind of what I was hinting at for meta, considering the mavic comes with a LIGHTNING cable. Almost like DJI expected this drone to be the most compatible with......drum roll......IPHONE:eek::confused:;) People get...
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    DJI, whats with the crazy Max. width of the phone for the TX!?!?!?!

    Come on meta! I mean how long have we been doing this? First off the little wink indicates a little joking amongst pilots.;) I have BOTH android and iPhone products. And it is a shame that some android products will not fit the carrier, but neither will the ipad mini I have. I'm sure the quad is...
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    DJI, whats with the crazy Max. width of the phone for the TX!?!?!?!

    The mavic, as all other products from dji, are apple based products. So I recommend getting an iPhone.;)
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    I tried to clean some of the build up around the contacts with a pic tool and now the sd card will not even acknowledge when I put it in the computer. I must of have damaged something because before I would get the noise like when you plugged in a usb, but now nothing. As far as what the time...
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    Drone attachment for dropping moss kill on roof

    Or you could buy one of these cheap quads, and then remove the water canon and find a way to mount it down low on the legs, and use the cheap transmitter to disperse some liquid moss killer.;)
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    Well I got the sd card out, and it looks fine; even has the brass colored contacts still, but I cleaned it and it still won't read.:( I just get the time stamp and that's it. I will let it dry for a while and report back. I had contemplated opening the micro sd card up, but it appears to be one...
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    I just sprayed it with wd40 and I will let it sit for an hour or so. You ca see where the SD card is located in the pic and it covered it a corrosion type material that is hard as rock. I will report back if it is a success.
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    I was just being sarcastic...Do you think that it might work after that long? That would be awesome.