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    Dji lightbridge video link problem

    Hi have just got an lightbridge. I have my controller over the same signal and that is working fine. But the video signal is not good. I have trayed to use other cabels other screen linked again other gopro same same. You can see on the picture that it is not good. What can it be wrong ?
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    Missing mp4 file when i transfer to computer

    It don't work after, but if i wait longer a minute ore so before i turn off the phantom i don't see the problem. Thanks for your advice. :-)
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    Missing mp4 file when i transfer to computer

    When i record video and pictures i am missing some of the video fils. When i look on all fils there are number 1,2,3 missing one and then 5,6 and so on. Somehow the file is deleted ? If i tray to recover i can find the missing file but if i restore it is just black screen. It seams that is only...