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    Log in DJI Go app

    thanks for the awesome information.
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    8 pin to 6 pin power cable?

    Yes and i have the RE version of the goggles, it will link without a cable hookup ... I'll try this info tomorrow. Thanks. Keep the ideas rollin in. Thanks for the information.
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    RE Goggles - LInking to P4Pv2 questions

    I fly from a strictly cinematic standpoint. I'm there to capture the best footage I can. I worry that I won't see enough detail in the image to dial it in so I'm curious if anyone else out there has the BT-300's and uses them with footage quality as your priority. I would love to hear about your...
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    HELP Phantom Li-Po battery charger Defective?.

    Hello, I just received my Phantom and I am not sure that the battery charger is functioning correctly.... After connecting the battery to the charger the lights continue to flash in this order: Charge status (RED), 2S,Charge status (RED), 2S, Charge status (RED), 2S, then all together the...
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    Integrated GPS/Compass Unit... Good Upgrade?.

    thanks my issue has been fixed.
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    Integrated GPS/Compass Unit... Good Upgrade?.

    Hello, I was thinking of upgrading the compass. How is the Integrated GPS/Compass working out for those who have done the upgrade? thanks iosman
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    Battery Charger with "mAh put in during charge" feature

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a "smart" LiPo battery charger capable of charging 2-4 (3s 2200 mAh 11.1v 20C) Phantom batteries simultaneously. After a lot of searching, I'm still not able to find a charger that can do this AND where the description specifically states that it "displays the total...
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    Where do you mount a GTU 10.

    Hello, Just wondering, for those that have a Garmin GTU 10, where do you mount it on your Phantom and do you use the Velcro or another method of attaching it? thanks . iosman
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    Battery drains extremely quickly... ON MY PHONE

    Hello, I've been happy with the battery life on my Phantom 3 standard remote and the battery life on the quad copter is satisfactory as well. For whatever reason the app. seems to guzzle juice on my iPhone (5S) battery. I've noticed on some videos that people have a cord connected from their...
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    Do the labels on the motors make them unbalanced ?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if the labels on the motors throws the balance off. The other day, I installed Graupner E_Props, and removed the labels from the motors . What a big difference it made ! I couldn't believe how smooth and quiet the Phantom was afterwards. I should have done one...