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    Connecting Walkera Gimbal to Phantom 1 Battery

    I just got a Walkera G-2D gimbal and a GoPro Hero 3 White for my DJI Phantom FC40. This is to replace the CNC Gimbal that did not work. When I opened the Gimbal package I noticed that the power cable end to Gimbal is different from the CNC one. The CNC Gimbal’s power end connected to the...
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    GoPro HERO3 White Edition WiFi and the FC40

    I just got a GoPro HERO3 White Edition to replace the FC40 camera that came with it and I was wondering if I can safely use the WiFi feature to view it on my phone? I do have the 5.8ghz edition of the Phantom 1. Thanks a lot.
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    Using the new GoPro Hero HD

    I saw that GoPro has a nice new basic GoPro Hero HD for sale at a decent price. I was wondering if these can be used on a Phantom 1? The reason I am asking is it seems like the casing is permanently on it. I do not have one yet, so I am not 100 percent sure. I am looking at using a cheaper...
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    Using Gimbal for GoPro without soldering :)

    I got a CNC gimbal that ended up being defected, but one thing I noticed is that I can use it without doing any soldering or the like. I just had to drill a small hole to let the second battery cable hang out so I could plug that into the gimbal. Are there other cheaper gimbals that have been...
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    Flying for profit (US)

    I know that the New proposed FAA rules seem very reasonable for using these things for commercial use. But they need to be voted on until they become law. So I was wondering what I can do in the meantime? I know that you need to petition for a Section 333 exemption to be able to do it. And even...
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    Good Gimbal (non-ZenMuse) for my FC40

    I am looking at replacing the FC40 camera on my backup DJI FC 40 and I was wondering what Gimbal would be recommended for a GoPro 4 that is under 100 (or close to)? I do not need a ZenMuse as this is a backup quad to my Phantom Vision 2+. I know there are CNC, Walkera, Tarot Gimbals (and...
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    DJI SmartBattery Problem

    Well I do not see an Allen Screw anywhere on the battery itself, and since the battery is not very loose. I probably will tape it down on the outside. Yep, may not look the best but hey, It is on the inside anyway and will work well. Yep, Kokomo is in IN, but my friend and I are big fans of the...
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    DJI SmartBattery Problem

    I haven't crashed this thing at all, but I noticed after a flight today that the DJI Smartbattery seemed to be a bit loose inside the casing, like I could move it. Now the green light seems to work, and I did fly it today without incident. So I am not sure if this is something to worry about or...
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    Upgrade FC40 Camera?

    I was wondering if there as a way to upgrade the Stock FC40 camera yet still use the same FC40 holder? Basically is there another camera that would fit in the FC40 camera holder? Thanks!
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    CNC Gimbal with a DJI FC40 Smart Camera

    I have a question. I just got a CNC Gimbal and I would like to attach my DJI FC40 Smart Camera to it so I can get more stable video. I have seen it done before on another website but they did not explain how they did it. How can I attach my DJI FC40 Camera to a CNC Gimbal? Thanks a lot.