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    Takeoff Flyaway

    Your drone doesn't like you anymore. It was trying to leave but you stopped it. It will continue to try and leave and you will never be able to trust it again.Like all relationships that sour this one will not get better. Your best bet is to let this one go and find a new one. One that loves you...
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    Drone hits LAPD helicopter

    I admire Mr. Hernandez for flying at night. Not being able to see what you are flying and where you are flying takes a special ability.Like flying IFR blindfolded. And being able to get close enough to a helicopter in flight with all the rotor wash at night? That's just pure skill. Well done...
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    Hello, I'm new to the forums and drones.

    You would be wise to crash it now and be done with it then take up real flying as a hobby. Less expensive
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    Old Planes

    Awesome. I can't imagine flying that far even if I had the open space to do so. Well done
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    Where do You Get Audio for Your Drone Videos is a great place for royalty free music
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    Still learning!

    I would like to be able to trust my Phantom well enough to fly like that
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    Pro/Adv Difference?

    Thanks for the replies. Very helpful
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    Pro/Adv Difference?

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    Pro/Adv Difference?

    I'm thinking of getting a Pro or Advanced. Whats the difference. They look the same. Is one more dependable than the other? Used, they cost about the same so which is better?
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    Phantom 3 pro 4K. For sale $400

    Is it still available? DM me if so
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    Man Flying Jetpack At 3000 Feet

    We make and repair RADOMES where I work. This would be good for business in times like these.
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    Advanced Magnetic Filed interference

    Anytime I get near a large metal object i.e. a railcar or any power line i get the same warning. The power line is a no brainer but I can't get anywhere near one. How these people fly next to radio or cellular transmission towers is a mystery to me. My drone would surely burst into flames if it...
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    Camera Replacement Cost

    Anyone know how much a camera replacement is? Not the gimbal, just the camera.
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    Upside Down Camera

    Just had a crash. Magnetic interference is the cause of this one. A nice tree broke the fall and all looked well at first glance but a closer inspection revealed the camera is upside down. I can't figure out how this happened or how to get it right side up. Any help would be appreciated
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    P3 Firmware What Exactly Is Firmware?

    So that's my question. What and why is it? It does not seem like the drone itself would need any updating. It is what it is. Any upgrades would be a hard replacement like a recall on a car. Next, how can I avoid the update. My DJI app is now telling me it needs to update? If i uninstall the...