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    Criticism Mounting over Transport Canada Drone Certification Exam Questions

    I have read that none of DJI’s products qualify for use with the advanced certification, any truth? Thanks
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    Litchi still compatible with ios 11.2.5

    I’ve read the dji go app is not compatible any longer? Thx.
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    Advanced ios 11.2.5 update

    Are there issues with the latest ios update? Thanks.
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    Signal lost issue Phantom 3 standard

    Argtec or windsurfer with Litchi and the P3S is good to go. :-)
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    Stress crack repair

    I wonder would this work?
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    Stress crack repair

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    P3 Standard is so fun for a beginner like me.

    I bought the P3A originally and it’s a great drone. That being said, if doing it again I’d have purchased the P3S first. It has become my go to everyday drone. Mine is also a refurbished, over a year and no issues. May I suggest the Litchi app, a parabolic range extender and the Magic Power...
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    Thnking about buying a new P3S shell.

    Hi, you may also want to set the braking setting back to 70, less stress I figure.
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    Magic power

    I had already tried formatting it in my PC and then the aircraft with no success. Upon reading your advice I repeated the procedure and everything seems perfect now. Thank you so much for the quick and excellent advice. This is how these great forums are supposed to work. Thanks again and I hope...
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    Magic power

    Hi, installed magic power mod on my P3S today and now I keep getting an sd card error. Craft and FPV seem fine. Same card in craft as yesterday when it worked perfectly. Thanks for any help.
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    Magic Power

    What version of magic power should I be using with the latest upgrades and updates including iOS yesterday? Thanks. Is it even worth the bother? I can't even seem to get a link to the download???
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    I also have a P3A so was in no great need of extended range on the Standard, that and I goof off a lot. :-)
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    Update, ran litchi again today, achieved 1636ft with full RC control but the video feed was jerky by this point. Perhaps it's time for the magic power mod? As I am in Canada and restricted to 500m anyway I'm ok with this range. It would be nice to have a better video signal however. I did...
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    Hi, is anyone else having concerns with the latest litchi update since performing the upgrades on the Phantom 3 Standard? While flying yesterday the video feed became weaker (80%) at only 60ft. or so. Today the video feed was perfect but the controller dropped to the same percentage at around...
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    Help plz

    You may have to sign out of the go app and then back into it to properly activate it after the last upgrade.