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    gopro hero 3 record stops

    Two tips that I find helped the same issues with my GoPro 2 1) Make sure the battery is fully charged. 2) Format the card on the computer, then in the camera each time. Gord
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    Wild Goose Chase! With a Phantom….

    On my very first flight I "Buzzed" some Canadian Geese. In the video below, at the 38 second point, which the link takes you to directly you can see the impact. I was flying over them and lost altitude and they moved a little away. Without any additional noise I would think it would be hard to...
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    Introducing the Galaxy S3 FPV

    Even if there was no frequency issues the range of the GoPro is less than 50 yards.
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    Introducing the iPhantom

    Creative, I can't wait to see the video. I suspect it will be shaky because of the zip tie mount directly to the landing struts. I am thinking that the field of view will be much narrower than the GoPro, but that is what I would like to see. If that is an expensive phone then I would worry...
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    Repair or Replace propeller motor????

    Thanks, they are my Amazon Wish List for purchase shortly.
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    Repair or Replace propeller motor????

    I went on Amazon to purchase the required supplies to DIY this project, and I am wondering which type of solder do I purchase? Lead Rosin Core Solder Lead-Free Solder Electrical Rosin Core Solder Lead-Free Solder Rosin Core I think the list might be longer, ant thoughts? Thanks
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    Repair or Replace propeller motor????

    I knew I needed to replace the motor, I just didn't want to accept that. Needed to hear it from others. So it will be grounded for awhile :(
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    Repair or Replace propeller motor????

    Hi, I recently had a run-in with my phantom and a tree. I just noticed that one of the motors is making a funny noise. I have a link to a 30 second video so you can hear the noise. I have a few questions: 1) I have already flown with this noise, and everything was fine. Should I continue to...
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    Weird GoPro question

    I don't believe GoPro has that setting for the still shots. You can correct in post editing, but this can be painful without the correct software. I use Lightroom, and you can crop and adjust one photo and then copy the edits from that photo to all the photos from the shoot with easy selection...
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    First Incident with a Tree

    Nope, I had to drive home, 5 minutes, to get it. It was at the very end of the trimmers length. As this was just a test flight, I didn't go very far from home.
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    First Incident with a Tree

    Let me start by saying that I am still learning how to fly this beast, and having a good time learning. On my first few flights I noticed that I was unable to determine which direction the craft was pointing when it got a long distance away from me (one football field). At times it would look...
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    Flying over whitewater

    Very nice shots. I especially like the slow pan of the camera. I can't get mine to do a slow pan, did you make any adjustments in the controls, or is it just practice?
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    Maiden Flights

    I received my Phantom a couple of weeks ago, and I am just getting around to creating a short video of the maiden flights. I was unable to get the Phantom into compass calibration mode until after the first flight. I am not sure if this was a contributing factor in me "crashing" twice on the...
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    Almost lost my Camera!!!!

    Thank you, this is very useful
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    Phantom won't go into gps/compass calibration mode

    I experienced a similar issue, but it was after a firmware upgrade, but on my very first flight. No mater how many times I tried the quick 10 switch trick it would not work. So I took off and flew it until the battery needed to be swapped. With a fresh battery I tried again, and it went into...