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    Phantom 4 Not stable

    Yes might be, but i think it should be showing me the esc error ?? also when i open csvview log area it shows: GeoPath ImuCalcs has signal ImuCalcs(0):Lat that isn't defined
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    Phantom 4 Not stable

    Yes and it happens with quick ascending and descending , i have already replaced the motor, i am starting to think it has to do something with IMU, flight controller or ESC, maybe just firmware downgrade
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    Phantom 4 Not stable

    Here is flight log, i was flying really aggressively today because i wanted to see how it would react, also it was little bit windy FLY876.DAT also i see GeoPath ImuCalcs has signal ImuCalcs(0):Lat that isn't defined maybe that's the problem??
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    Phantom 4 Not stable

    Hello, just bought phantom 4 and when i try to give it throttle one side seems to be struggling to keep up, it's left back motor and usually when all 3 motors stay on same level, left back motor and axis seems to be lower than all other 3 sides, tried swapping propellers, imu calibration...
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    Maybe $700 Today ;)
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    For sale has been crashed and rebuilt replaced the shell and some components on the camera, battery shell is cracked but works without problems only 27 charges everything still works that's why i am asking only 750$ if anyone wants to know more details please contact me
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    Crack in battery case

    Mine is cracked too i think i have the version which cannot be disassembled i will try to glue it and find cover or skin to make it look better
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    Prop Guard Protective Plugs?

    I am looking for one too
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    Can I use a GL300A with My P4P as a second radio?

    I guess no p4 can be used with same radio as p3A and p3p but p4p is different also i think p4p remote can be used with p4 but not vice versa
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    No Image Transmission Signal

    Any damage to the aircraft before ?? DJI go is pretty good app but has some bugs, maybe try different device, usb cable or software version
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    LCD Screen Replacement [Phantom 4 Remote with Display]

    Yes aftermarket lcd screens are cheap but quality/color accuracy is bad also can you pm me ?? i have friend in china who helps me find parts is your display 5.5?? i think i found one
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    Phantom 3 Standard Gimbal not working App keeps disconnecting 8seconds

    Gimbal main board was not working, just got the used camera-gimbal for $75
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    Professional Phantom 3 Pro Crash - Camera Arm Bent and Not Functioning

    My yaw arm was bent but it was still working but your arm seems like cracked, also check if motors are properly working try to rotate them and change the flex cable
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    Looking for a drone,around 2km(1.25mi) range. Any suggestions,advice,recommendations?

    All phantom series after p3 standard and all mavic series but i think mavic air is the worst in terms of range compared to mavic pro and newer ones