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    Future is here

    Smaller tube diameter = more air pressure. Longer tube = less pressure due to friction, but not by a lot.
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    Weird battery problem - PH4-5870mAh battery

    Be careful, as always, opening any batteries carries considerable risks. Safety first! Also, it may void your warranty... [emoji2]
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    How to keep your drone cool in the car?

    I used a multiple cooler setup with a waterproof drybox inside with the batteries. Kept them nice and chilly, with a cooling solution similar to the old AC units; Ice and fans!
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    Traveling with phantom 3 pro

    Batteries are no problem. FAA mandates only 2 batteries over 100 watt hours are allowed, and there is no restriction on the battery discharge level during transit. Ive flown countless times and never once been questioned about the batteries, especially since dji phantom 4 high capacity batteries...
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    Daytona bike week..

    I flew at Daytona for the 500 race (obviously not near the track). You can still get gorgeous beach shots and shots of the city, but getting airspace permission as a hobbiest requires you to contact Daytona international and fill out a document over the phone BEFORE you intend to fly. It takes 2...
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    First untethered drone At Daytona 500

    I got to see the first untethered drone at the Daytona 500 today, (DJI inspire 2) and the footage was really amazing. The sideways car chases were definitely a new perspective from the traditional cameras.
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    Production of all P4P discontinued is there a P5 coming?

    Inb4 we see a P4SE like the P3SE refresh to use up all the old parts...
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    Now this the ultimate flying camera on a 3 axis gimbal

    It has, on occasion, performed a roll, however as mentioned, the airframe stress was too great. Chinese plane had an engine failure and the plane dived almost 30,000 feet while rolling. Pilots were able to right the stricken plane once they got a bearing on the horizon below the clouds, but the...
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    How to keep your drone cool in the car?

    I’m taking a trip this weekend, and I’m kinda dreading having to build my cooling rig again just to keep the drone from frying in the car, as I won’t have access to AC for 18 hours, so I’m wondering if anyone has found an easy way to keep your drone/batteries cool in the car?
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    How High can I Legally Fly

    OP knows this already. I’m merely pointing out what the OP has already stated in his previous posts.
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    How High can I Legally Fly

    Legally you can fly 400ft agl, or 400ft above the highest structure agl, as long as you remain within 400ft horizontally of said structure. That being said, finding a place in Chicago were you aren’t over active roadways, or people (people restriction can be bypassed via parazero) you are...
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    A friendly reminder about non OEM props.

    Yeah my point was always pay attention to the seller. Even those amazon “dji” props were 3rd party.
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    A friendly reminder about non OEM props.

    I pictured an oem dji prop to show what they should have. Mounts are oem. Props were from amazon without dji logo, and made of a more brittle plastic while being identified to dji props in every other way. I fly with only oem props now and have no issues with the mounts, props, or dust.
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    Broken Props - What to do?

    I have something similar to this with old props on the wall. I’ll see if I can get a pic when I get home
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    Drone Survey

    For 200$ I don’t expect much camera wise, and basic features are likely, but make it useful. Add a winch for lifting/fishing or maybe a pouch for letter/mail delivery.