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    Pix4D and your P2V

    Pix4D is great software. I'm glad to hear there is tighter integration with the P2V. I've used it in a manual mode just guessing at the exposure point with great success. I will download the latest and give it a whirl.
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    Rotorpixel gimbal for Phantom Vision

    Your order has shipped! #409. Just got the confirmation! Schwing!
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    Rotorpixel gimbal for Phantom Vision

    Bring on 409! I need the stabilization...Youtube editing tools can only do so much!
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    Internal Flytrex install without SD extension

    **** good mod...going to have to crack that B!tc# open again and give it a shot.
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    Rotorpixel gimbal for Phantom Vision

    #409 and waiting in the great State of Texas patiently. Good thing I occupied myself the last two days lobbying our Senators and Congressmen and meeting with the Transportation and Infrastructure committee about the failure of the FAA to act on sUAS rulemaking.