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    DJI flight training in Houston

    I'm actually in Pearland too! Shoot me a message on here if you want to connect. Happy to help any way that I can.
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    Battery life: 100 times and still running

    Usually very large mapping jobs. ~1000 acres
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    Battery life: 100 times and still running

    Our batteries started to puff up to a point that I don't feel comfortable using them anymore. Surprisingly they only have about 60 cycles on them according to the app, some even less than that. I went ahead and ordered 13 new ones and will be disposing of the old ones.
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    DJI flight training in Houston

    It sounds like you might be in for a gimbal replacement now. P3 gimbals are notoriously weak. I was just going to chime in a let you know that I am in South Houston and would be happy to help you with some flight training once you get your drone back airworthy again.
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    Lightly used DJI P4P v2

    Also interested in price.
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    Why is everything out of stock

    Sent you a PM
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    Hands on Help in Houston Needed - Four DJI Quads

    What part of Houston are you in? I don't mind helping out if you need a hand.
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    What’s the best flight planning software

    For mapping, which is what it sound like you are doing since you currently use Map pilot, DJI GS Pro is my preferred go-to. I've used them all but train all of our new pilots on GS Pro because its reliable, easy to use, and gives more options in the settings than most of the other apps.
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    P4P+ V2.0 obsolete? Is this true? I just bought the dang thing.....

    I heard the same thing as @davidransier. Local DJI enterprise dealer told me that the Phantom line is essentially going to be focused on the RTK now and that the Mavic will be taking over as the main P4P replacement.
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    Phantom 4 RTK

    The drone by itself will not be more accurate than a traditional P4P. You need to include either GCP's or RTK/PPK either from the base station or a CORS network for the increased accuracy.
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    Cell Tower Inspection

    What apps have you guys found work best for automating tower inspections like this?
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    This 360 stuff is fun!

    Can't comment for sure on that. I've only used the app a couple times and most of my camera settings are default anyways.
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    This 360 stuff is fun!

    If you "Start" the app while your bird is on the ground it will do as you said and go up to 300' for the pano. Otherwise if you are already flying it gives you the option to take the pano at your current altitude.
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    P4P Stress Cracks

    Ours have already cracked again after being repaired. I'm thinking now it's just a product of the extensive amount of use they get, not the case as I had originally thought. Who knows...
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    P4P Stress Cracks

    Exactly this. I'm not sure if the stock foam case does it but in my case it was a GCP case. Not bashing GCP by any means because I really like their cases but the P4P GCP case I have puts ALOT of pressure on the drone when the lid is closed.