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    How best to trade from P3A to Mavic Air ?

    well you want to bring it back to life and test it before you try and sell it
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    Chinese drone manufacturer DJI takes control over a drone & Crashes it!

    ooops you are naughty ... return to home and land no over ride ...
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    Show us your bag/case

    same case it was $23 on ebay and works well
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    Screen glare

    I use a 7 inch Samsung galaxy turned to outside mode ? I think its called with a homemade black plastic/cardboard hood works ok as long as you don't have your back to the sun ....... while I was typing this I just thought what about a umbrella?
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    Fly with no camera

    just stay in line of sight and don't go to high
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    BBC slagging drones

    I saw it as well yes they can cause damage but its not the machine ..... its only a machine ... its the idiot operator .... its like there is no such thing as a bad breed of dog .... there are only bad owners ..... guns kill people ... no people kill people ........ be responsible
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    Spark good for first time flier?

    I started flying using cheap syma drones to get the hang of it before I got my p3 still train wih my x25 its a good flyer ...... buy a mini bike before you buy a superbike ........
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    Fast old train

    yeah nice shots you gotta love steam trains
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    Another Phantom Virgin

    greetings from central Queensland
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    Landing gear

    I got some leg extenders off ebay cheap ones they work fine if you have to land in sand soft dirt and rocks (Aussie Outback) but got myself a landing pad for 2 reasons dust gets every where and secondly you can line up before landing
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    Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun

    that wasn't Pink Floyd
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    Drone reported flying near Christchurch NZ mass shooting crime scene

    hasn't been on the tv news over here as far as I know
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    Man killed retrieving drone/ was shocked

    still it must of been close
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    Man killed retrieving drone/ was shocked

    if that was my drone well time to buy a new one sad loss of life but IDIOT you are looking for trouble its not a tree disrespect to the dead intended
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    Will it sell? P3P or why not? need your professional ideas..

    how long has it been listed? may be auction might have been better start low but have a reserve good luck