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    Best carry on case for p3

    Use Plastidip...
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    I'd really like to learn adding fake sky to 360 panoramas. Any idea?
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    Motor reinforcement plate is not enough.

    LOOSEN SCREWS I fixed UAV reinforcements 6 weeks ago. I decided to check my sheel against cracks last day. What I observed is screws are (4 motor) loosen on each arm. You can even turn the screw with a little touch with screwdriver. I don't know why? I'm pretty sure that I tightened them very...
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    DJI Go follow me vs Autopilot follow me

    Autopilot is much better than DJI. I tested them today afternoon and difference is day and night. Autopilot's left, right, behind, front issue makes it outstanding. Here is my first follow me flight video.
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    Headplay available Ex-Stock

    Really it doesn't matter. Having a HeadPlay immediately while people waiting for months worths more than 5$.
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    Headplay available Ex-Stock

    Use promo code for 10% discount. "Hang ten"
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    Headplay available Ex-Stock

    I ordered one from Aircraft World. HeadPlay HD Headset FPV Goggles (White) They have 9 more units. I ordered a HDMI upgrade and a 3 feet mini HDMI cable, too. What else I need for full setup?
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    Flying in Dubai

    Hi, I live in Qatar, too :) I have a p3p. As far as I know it's not allowed to use anything flying with camera. So bored about it. I'll be happy to meeting you someday just for fun.
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    Adding GPS to non-GPS iPad

    What about the Bluetooth range? I believe your device (iPad mini2) and dual should be connected via Bluetooth so distance between them can't be more than 10 mt!?! Am I right?
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    The App Update is here finally

    OK, Multiple Flight MOde activated, RC switch is "F". Only difference is Course Lock button next to satellite indicator. Where is follow me, POI, Waypoint?
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    New firmware / software 7th Sep - First impressions

    I updated DJI GO just now but could not figure out how I'm going to use that new features. Looking at the GO for 30 minutes but it seems identical.
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    The App Update is here finally

    I updated, too. But could not figure out how I'm going to use that new features. Looking at the GO for 30 minutes but it seems identical.
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    IT'S HERE IT'S HERE!! - 3D printout of a Phantom 3 antenna booster

    Hi, I just tried Giusseppe's copper Booster. Result at an area in the city with high interference, distance where sognal lost: Stock Antenna: 1400 mt. DYI Aluminium Windsurf Antenna: 2800 mt. Giusseppe's copper antenna: 3900 mt. I believe no need to make any comment. Thanks Giusseppe.
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    Anyone bought a MCM case?

    That is Plastidip Spray. Which makes a rubberish layer over foam. It is soft but keeps foam cubes together.
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    Anyone bought a MCM case?

    Hi, Here is my set-up with MCM 22-24120 Case. As you see there is enough room for; Phantom 3 3 Bateries (One with the Phantom) Controller DJI Inspire Shoulder Strap, Battery Charger and A small screw driver , Ipad Mini 2, 2 Sets (8ea) props, Sun Shade for Ipad, Copper Antenna Booster (Not yet...