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    P4P v2 manual exposure question

    Many people are reporting this bug with the V2 on the latest firmware update. Hope there is a fix Phantom 4 Pro V2 - Camera Wheel not functioning properly since firmware update
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    P4 VR 2.0 Slow Drifting in Hover, etc.

    Hi Cliff, Do you have the plus version. Let me know how you go... if it flys straight I'll do the same with mine. Cheers
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    P4 VR 2.0 Slow Drifting in Hover, etc.

    Hi Paul, I bought the v2+ in mid Aug and have this issue. Although it has hindered my shots to some degree, it is still a fault and an annoyance. If what you say is true then we would all be entitled to have the bird replaced with a new revision under warranty, would we not?
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    Clear Plastic cover on the end of the phantom 4 pros arms

    In the spirit of sharing for those that may be interested. This part cannot be bought as a spare. They are just covers for the propguard slots and come together with the p4 top shell not the p4pro (for some strange reason). I contacted DJI directly they will send some, just need to pay...
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    Clear Plastic cover on the end of the phantom 4 pros arms

    Hi Guys, Does anybody know the name or the part number for the clear plastic cover on the end of the birds arms. I have misplaced mine. And need some replacements. TIA
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    My first real video shot on the P4P v2.0

    Just wanted to share my first real shoot on the P4P Pro V2. I've had the bird for 4 weeks now seem to be getting the hang of it. Enjoy. Location - Sydney Australia
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    Lowepro Drone 450 bag

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    touch screen intermittent on P4P+ ?

    Hey foxtrot. I too have the same issue. It seems to be intermittent. Takes a few attempts to slide the aperture. Whenever i turn the remote on it takes a few attempts to enter go fly as well. Its definayely an annoyance.
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    P4Pro v2 Light scratches/scuff marks inside the battery compartment

    Hey Team, Ive had my p4p+v2 for about 3 weeks with 12 flights so far. I have 3 batteries on rotation. Im still fairly green with this machine but loving every minute of it and slowly building my competence. Whilst doing a clean/inspection i noticed that the inside of my battery compartment has...
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    Lowepro Drone 450 bag

    Im just about to buy this bag, says it can fit a 15in lap top as well. Doesnt look promising. Btw where do you get the ESC covers from?
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    Phantom 4 pro plus screen protectors

    I just got this in the mail for my V2.0 plus. works a treat, its slightly thicker than some that I've used on phones but its crystal clear, touch sensitivity remains unchanged. I cant fault it. Cheers
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    Remote controller not charging

    Glad you sorted it out :)
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    Remote controller not charging

    Hi Hermitdog. Sorry to hear that. Did you buy it new? I just got a new p4p+v2.0 with the built in screen. I didnt do anything special but simply plugged it in and it charged normally till the lights turned off. It sounds like your controller is faulty. Good luck
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    DJI Assistant 2 not detecting P4P VR2.0 remote

    Thanks. Ill try that but instructions tells me you can connect the bird or controller...