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    LAANC Problem that I need help with Please.

    I took a drone class two years ago. They didn’t show how to unlock at that time. I too used AirMap and was not able to figure it out during my intended flight time. Fortunately it was going to be a test on my own roof so no $ at stake.
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    This don’t sound good

    This isn’t really like what you said, “We all use the same roads” sharing it with bikes and pedestrians. The closest comparison using roads is a race track, or the autobahn. If you were screaming down the road at 180mph and some idiot on a skateboard pops up in front of your new Ferrari and it’s...
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    Shooting video and stills.. do which first?

    You can shoot Stills while shooting video with the P4Pv2. Just squeeze the trigger on the Right far side button of your controller. Similarly you can start and stop video using the Left far side button.
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    Asking for a friend.... 😁😂😉

    IF your “friend” has a crash or bumps a branch or hits some other harder object, I would personally rather risk a blade than say, a motor or part of the support arm because the blade didn’t break. These blades are designed to take as much as it can without, hopefully, transferring the torsion to...
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    UFO Sighting From My Phantom?

    Click the above “Browse” button -> “General Forums” -> “Search” Type in “ufo”. You’ll find many more instances such as this. Nobody really wants to say, but I sense there is an unspoken consensus about what they are. I think these things might be drawn to other flying objects, and drones have a...
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    More Rods

    ...peekin’ in
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    More Rods

    this might be easier to see...
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    More Rods

    I’m working on a slomo
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    More Rods

    Unexplained white rods from drone video
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    UFO Sighting From My Phantom?

    I know your post is nearly two years old and forgive me if “everything has been identified and no further discussion necessary.” I’ve had my P4Pv2 for nearly a year now and in one of my flights in the northeast Nebraska area, I found one of these too. My first thought was maybe someone shot at...
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    real time

    For lack of further discussion about these things I take it the general consensus is that they are aberrations.
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    UFO?! What is this?

    I was editing some recent footage for a short video about a couple bridges that were washed out during the flooding in Northeast Nebraska. I notice a similar object that flew from center screen with a trajectory to the right and below my P4Pv2. I counted the frames and estimated the distance and...
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    Utah, USA, Badlands

    Amazing photo! What was the AGL for this shot?
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    NEW ! Phantom Rain Wet Suit Twilight Collection: Phantom 4 SERIES drones

    I love the idea and they look pretty cool, but I was wondering how the obstacle avoidance system works with this wetsuit? Aside from the Phantom still functioning, have you actually taken it apart so you can definitively claim no water got inside? I think I would worry if there was a little...