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    Phila art museum and benjamin franklin bridge ... 4-overview
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    Fat Shark Predator V2 FPV

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    Fat Shark Predator V2 FPV

    I have a Fat Shark Predator that I've used once and removed it from my Phantom because I wear glasses and could not see to good threw googles. It sucks cause I can't wear contacts either. It's almost new and comes with box and everything that came in the box, I'll also throw in Phantom carbon...
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    FS: Phantom v1 with Zenmuse and Extras

    Zenmuse still available?
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    Short flight of snow storm after math in NJ

    First snow flight in extremely windy and cold temperatures. Was a little scared to take her up and risk losing signal.
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    Help with Alex Moss board and gimbal tilt

    I have the same issue with my Tarot gimbal, had it installed at a hobby shop it worked for a day and the tilt just stopped working. They are lost to why its not working so I'm just not dealing with them anymore. i've done so much research but can't find a **** solution. All I know is that on...
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    FS: Phantom v1 with Zenmuse and Extras

    Re: Phantom v1 for sale Still have stock transmitter?
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    Tarot 2D Brushless Gimbal

    What issues are you having? It's pretty much plug and play.
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    Crocs II

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    I pay him no mind……he's nothing but a tool!
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    7th channel camera tilt not working?

    Ok English teacher if it makes you feel superior go ahead and teach, I'm all eyes.
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    Phantom radios - Unique or Different?

    Is the blue light blinking on your Tarot Gimbal board?
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    Phantom radios - Unique or Different?

    When I go in Naza assistant my X1 slider move continously from left to right with out touching anything.
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    Phantom radios - Unique or Different?

    Are you a meth head?
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    Dji Phantom used for music video.

    I argued with the guy for almost a hour about that stupid scenery but hey $$$ is $$$ so at times you got to give the customers what they want. Besides his budget was on the lowest of low side. I got paid $500 for 1 1/2 hrs of filming and 1 hr of editing. Purchased a Fatshark and had change in my...