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    A Question for FPVLR Amplified Antenna Users

    Don't think you have a problem. The "amps" are really transceivers (the signal moves both ways). The blue light is not reacting because there is no data traffic. Go for a short range flight and observe the should see both lights active. :harry
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    DJI: New P3A Purchaser AFRAID to Fly!

    There's a lot of good advice on this thread... Put your P3 in beginner mode, charge up your batteries, find a nice big open area with no obstacles around for a couple of hundred feet and go fly! I fly with three other P3 pilots and none of us have had any issues with our birds "dropping out of...
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    Trouble contacting DBS Mods?

    Chuck is pretty busy. Like others have stated, order with complete confidence and he will ship promptly. :harry
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    Awesome flight today. Longest to date

    Long range flying is Very addictive ! I fondly remember when I thought a 1 mile out flight was a long distance (!) Now I'm pushing my limits at 21,000' each way... :harry :h
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    Reinforce pick and pluck?

    I use Plasti Dip spray on my pick and pull foam inserts. Works great. :harry
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    Tony...are you going to be selling / installing your battery mod? I love my P3 v2 advanced controller kit and now need supplemental battery capacity. Let us know. :harry
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    OK guys, I want to get a battery mod for my P3P...I've just about hit the limit with the stock battery at nearly 18K'. Which mod are you happy with: Horizon, FPVCustom internal mods, or a battery mod just to the battery itself and not touching the actual airframe, or something else...? TIA...
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    Personally, I prefer the two piece version of David's windsurfer since it's much easier to fit in my P3's backpack.
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    I fly with a few other P3 pilots (collectively known as the Phantom Menace) all using David's antenna booster. 15K' flights are common place. You'll like it. :harry
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    I think David W was the first to post a 3D printed version on this forum, though I could be wrong: Dynamic 3D Solutions
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    Use Hdmi with dominator v2

    I own both the HP's and the Don V3's. Both are good but offer different viewing experiences, IMHO. I think you'll find that the Dom's will be coming off back-order sooner than the HP's will. FWIW you can usually find the HP's on the classified ads over at RCG. :harry
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    Your thoughts

    I have flown the DJI "CF" props. Your dealer's advise is good as far as it goes... They are not true CF construction but are a carbon fiber filled design. This makes them a little more rigid than the stock props, but only a little. True cf props are prone to shattering on impact, but the...
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    FPV Goggles for P3 with HDMI Module

    Looks like they are back-ordered at the usual suspects (; and I'd put a pair on order at any quality US dealer and just wait. As an alternative these are showing up on the classified ads at RCG. A lot of guys, like me, ordered both the HP's and the...
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    FPV Goggles for P3 with HDMI Module

    If you want to use the HDMI output for goggles I recommend that you look at both the HeadPlay goggles (really a small 720p monitor in a clever head mount) and the FatShark Dominator V3 goggles which are purpose built for the 16:9 DJI aspect ration. I own and use both of these products. They...
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    Battery mods !! Q&A's

    I think the 1000's and 1300 4s batteries are optimum for capacity vs weight* *Turnigy Nano-Tech 4s 45-90c battery weight: The 1000 4s 124g The 1300 4s 155g The 2200 4s 257g Personally, I think the 1000 4s bats are the best compromise. And remember, these...