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    POLL: Have you powered on your Phantom with the gimbal lock attached?

    Yup, and I had that exact same ribbon just laying around.... works great.
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    Starting to dislike seagulls!

    Lol.. I was up near Boone, NC... 2/3 little chimney Swifts (what I call them) kept doing tight 360’s around my 4...
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    Anybody seen this?

    WATCH: Surfer rescues 10-year-old boy from rip current off Hunting Island I think Bobby Gecy is a member of this forum. His brother rescued a kid caught in a rip current, Bobby got some footage with his drone.
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    Anybody see this?
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    Forgot to remove gimbal bracket

    When you try to take off and realize you forgot to install the props... then you might have a problem....
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    Couldn’t help posting...

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    Camera filters

    Got an offer to buy set of filters.. reg $90, offered to me at $50... haven’t gotten that far into the photo side yet.. worth it for later endeavors? ... just working on NOT making smoking holes in yard right now...
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    New drone sticker’

    .... I saw name of this site was PhantomPilots....
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    New drone sticker’

    Class of ‘75! Go Eagles!
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    New drone sticker’

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    New drone sticker’

    Lol... just a shot at my piloting abilities [emoji51].....gets attention. Guy made it for me said he had to charge me extra to make it upside down...... .
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    New drone sticker’

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    Hi, does anyone with p3s have problems with video transmission lost

    Mine does same thing... like camera can’t keep up... I turn the bird, view jumps... I bought it used. First few times worked great... then got worse and worse...
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    Auto Takeoffs/Landings

    I use auto take off because I’m still amazed at the technology... very cool.... doesn’t take much to “Wow” me. [emoji51]