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    The city of Santa Monica no fly zone

    You can fly over the national park but can not take off or land within it. This is the rule for ALL Nation Parks.
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    The city of Santa Monica no fly zone

    It's not illegal to fly in Santa Monica. Although the shoreline is part of the Santa Monica Mountains National Park. (Check airmap, etc.) You can not take off or land in that area. Also this:
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    Man Charged For Shooting Drone

    There should be federal charges for shooting down a aircraft. The FAA is regulating us to death, so they should also defend us.
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    Part 107 Certification Renewal

    Yes, a new card cost $2.
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    FAA Remote I.D.

    sar104 I respect your opinions and the information which you post. I also believe that there needs to be a system for RID. I'm not against something reasonable, this is just not it, yet. My source is my ability to read. Tell me when have aviators had to pay fees to third party corporations for...
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    FAA Remote I.D.

    Pilots if manned aircraft will NOT see us through this system and that is no what this is about. This is because of Homeland security and tracking because of a fear of terrorist drones, also so law enforcement can track down operators when NIMBYS call, fine them and make revenue. And to increase...
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    FAA Remote I.D.

    With the standard RID your system WOULD be REQUIRED to update to the internet in real-time. If you are in a location without any internet access you would be limited to 400 feet distance. (as long as it is capable of broadcasting from the AC) We should not be limited to 400 ft distance because...
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    FAA Remote I.D.

    +1 to that. Will have comments.
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    FAA Remote I.D.

    This will just cost us more money. I have a limited data plan, now I will have to run data at all times in the air, or be within 400 ft of the controller. I will be asking for that to be extended to 1000 ft. If there is no WiFi or cell service, you are screwed. Here is an example story: Joe is...
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    Wow, any comments?

    I believe that in the video you are referring to Ken flew a perfectly legal flight according to the sectional chart and local laws. In my opinion that did not make it safe or the right thing to do though. A flyaway could have endangered pilots and causes havoc. If this flight were for a job and...
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    Insurance Hull damage not covered, only liability, but the price is affordable and the insurance is good anywhere in the world.
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    A new set of props?

    I change mine every hundred flights or twenty hours in the air. Overkill? Maybe, but they are not that expensive and I would rather be safe. I save the old ones to use when I need to run down the batteries before traveling on an airplane, or to do deep cycle of the batteries. I imagine some...
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    FAA: Strategy to prevent drone disruption soon to be released

    I am not against any of these countermeasures at all. It seems like good planning to try to keep aircraft safe around airports. And like Russ said with less disruption there will be less bad press on drones. It just always bewilders me that all this money is being spent when nobody has ever been...
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    Do you think a Drone could never fall from the sky and hit someone? Guess again......

    This is why the law requires visual line of sight by the PIC and also the ability to take immediate command of the aircraft, regardless of whether the aircraft has been pre programmed or not, this pilot should have had the remote in hand, eyes on the aircraft and when it began to deviate from...
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    Do You Think That the FAA Rules are Ridiculous?

    Come to Los Angels. Here it is not uncommon to see police helicopters or military flying under 400agl over the city. I will fly wherever it is legal to do so but I am always careful because I know that anytime manned aircraft can fly over at low altitude. Don’t kid yourself, better to be careful.