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    Mail today

    Many manned aircraft fly below 500ft, it’s our responsibility to stay out of their way. Do so. I flew extensively while I visited NZ and found the laws to be quite reasonable, even for someone who was visiting. If only every countries were as reasonable! Just fly safely and continue to make UAV...
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    NYPD Where’s their Waiver? 107.39

    Listen, I’m not saying that whoever is in charge of the UAV division at NYLD is not flying legally I’m just going to point out how well they know about vehicular law on the streets which has been around for a good hundred years...
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    Brothers Turn Self In For Illegal Drone Flight

    Thank you for the information, I am a commercial part 107 flyer though. IDRA insurance covers commercial flight also. I rarely fly as recreational.
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    DJI is working to add LAANC support

    Hopefully when implemented it will also unlock the geo zone where the authorization from the FAA is at. While I was in Alaska there was a site I wanted to fly, I checked the sectional chart and also got a LAANC approval but the motors would not start because I was at the end of a geofenced...
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    Brothers Turn Self In For Illegal Drone Flight

    Check out insurance through the IDRA about $300 a year. They do not cover the hull, so if you crash it’s your loss but they cover 1M in liabilities as long as you are flying legally.
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    Why you should stop using AirMap

    Airmap have an interest in making the NAS for complicated for drones. I have problems with some of their positions. I have written to them in the past, with that said their product is the best Mobil solution at this time. I like skyward but am sometimes unable to use them. I have been watching...
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    Chicago’s new misinformed law.
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    Chicago’s new misinformed law.

    It is not "the law of the land". The city has NO authority over where you can fly. That is the purview of the FAA, the city can make laws about where you can take off and land, but NEVER over what you can fly. They are mistaken and will be sued. It's funny how quickly most Americans will just...
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    Chicago’s new misinformed law.

    Chicago’s drone law pits residents’ privacy concerns against hobbyists looking for a place to fly - Chicago Sun-Times Another badly written drone ordnance by stupid city officials who don’t understand how the laws work in the United States. Chicago’s ordinance bans flying near O’Hare and...
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    NYPD Where’s their Waiver? 107.39

    Ask a cyclist in New York how the NYPD crosses their t or dots their i.
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    NYPD Where’s their Waiver? 107.39

    Yes BigAl07 probably an existing COA a SGI but with the NYPD I'm kinda inclined to think Bad Andy could be just as likely correct. Hard to say.
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    NYPD Where’s their Waiver? 107.39

    I received a email trim IDRA with a link to an article about the NYPD planning to fly over crowds during the 4th of July, also at night. I checked and did not see any evidence of FAA approval, links below. Can anyone show proof of their FAA waiver? Just curious. List of 107.39 waivers granted...
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    $28k worth of fines

    People keep driving within 30m if my home in their cars, out on the street in front! Their cars are noisy and they are looking in my windows! I want this horrible intrusion to stop! They should all be fined $28,000. Ridiculous! It’s an aircraft, it flies over things. If he was not trying to...
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    monkeys use eagle call when drones approach

    Everyone is freaking out about drones even monkeys!