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    Standard no video

    dji go app has no video after camera/gimbal replacement
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    p3s gimbal

    Want to buy a p3s gimbal minus the camera to repair my p3s as I clipped a tree branch and it hit the ground slightly bending it. let me know. Thanks Larry
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    DJI P2 / P3 and P4 PARTS

    Do you still have p3s gimbal part's ? I am looking for everything but the camera. Thanks Larry
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    do you have the link to the cable ?

    do you have the link to the cable ?
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    Flight battery charging

    I was hoping to use my I-charger 308duo. link to the cable ?
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    Flight battery charging

    Is there other ways of charging the p3s battery besides using the factory charger. it seems to take forever to recharge. Thanks Larry
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    Tablet Mount Mod - questions

    I did the mod by drilling a hole in the tx and let the mount tap the hole. I am using a s-tab4 with a sun shield and it works perfectly fine. there are vid's on you-tube for doing the mod. Larry
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    Hello from Lone Tree IA.

    dirkclod: So far I really like the site as it has a lot of information that I can use. I was a heli pilot for several years but have sold all except 1 of them and have since gotten into the plane side of the hobby. I was at an indoor fun fly the 1st. week of January and won a tini-whoop kit as...
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    Hello from Lone Tree IA.

    Thanks for the info Larry
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    Hello from Lone Tree IA.

    I just bought a p3s from a co-worker that had 6 flights on it. already bought a hard case,2nd battery, modified the tx to hold a s4 tablet, sun shade for the tx, polarpro filters. it has a go-pro mount on it as well but I heard the go-pro range isn't very far when using the app so I am doing a...