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    FAA Release NEW rules for UAS Operations

    Ahh, ok. So we essentially have 30 months to figure out how to get RID on existing phantoms if we want to fly in most places lol.
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    FAA Release NEW rules for UAS Operations

    So if I’m reading this right, DJI drones can’t fly anywhere until the recognized identification areas are established, Unless the drone is outfitted with a remote ID module. Are there any DJI drones with remote ID currently? And since the US put DJI on that blacklist, they can’t source US...
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    Selling P4P 5870 mAh battery

    Looking to sell one of my batteries from my P4A+ because DJI only gives $5 for battery trade ins. It is in excellent condition and only has 17 charge cycles. Selling for $140. Willing to take offers too.
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    Upgrading P4A+ to MA2

    I think its time for me to upgrade my Phantom 4 Advanced+. With Mavics getting cheaper and smaller it's only a matter of time before a phantoms trade in value is too low. Plus, the phantom is just too big and loud now, I feel like I'm flying a jet compared to a Mavic. I'm hoping to upgrade to a...
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    Sometimes my P4P won’t take pictures when shooting brackets

    Awful how this has been a problem for years and there hasnt been a fix
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    Camera shutter sound

    Thats similar to what Ive tried, but most of the time the phantom doesnt even recognize theres an SD card.
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    Sometimes my P4P won’t take pictures when shooting brackets

    Ive been having problems like this for months. No idea how to solve it
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    Good news, Boston police says they caught him, and that the pilot is a juvenile. Hope they fine the kid, incredibly irresponsible move that he should be held accountable for
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    Camera shutter sound

    UPDATE: Went to go fly the other day. First flight it worked fine. After I landed it and switched batteries, I took off and it was doing the problem again. At this point, I'm hopeless that DJI will ever recognize or fix the problem.
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    New Hampshire White Mountain National Forest/Drone Ops?

    The Appalachian trail goes over the summit of Wildcat, and there are several wilderness areas that you are not allowed to fly in. State parks in NH are iffy too, I got busted on top of Mt Monadnock once, but that was because they had to land a helicopter. Up in the mountains I've flown in...
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    Camera shutter sound

    The card I'm using is a Panasonic class 10 U3 Card that came with the phantom. Last night when I was downloading firmware I found a check for updates page I've never seen before ( considering that there's probably 10 different ways to update software using the Android screen), and it said there...
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    Camera shutter sound

    Heres a screenshot of the camera settings I have applied. The problem isn't the volume being turned down, because I can hear noises like the autofocus indicator. The format SD card option within the camera menu does work. However the format SD card option found within the drop-down menu (if you...
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    Camera shutter sound

    For the past severa months, I've been having a problem with my P4A+ and the controller for it. When I go to take a picture or video, I don't hear the sound it normally plays when I take a picture, or the ding when I take a video. The drone also doesn't give me the option to format the SD card...
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    Phantom 4 Advanced panorama sphere

    Last I heard DJI wasn’t focusing on a piano mode for the advanced. Which sticks considering they are marketed as having the same camera
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    Phantom 4 Advanced server.

    Sorry I meant forum. Got confused between discord servers and reddit subreddits.