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    P3P video live feed fault on my brand new Prof drone, what's this?

    I have experienced similar issues (not as severe) with the live feed on the latest FW - I don't know if it is related to the latest FW or not though. What kind of tablet are you using?
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    Standard I need help

    Hi - what firmware are you on?
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    Speaking of batteries...

    I would make the argument that you are putting people in danger by sending a damaged Lipo in the mail. There's a reason airlines won't let you check lipo batteries that are not installed... they should understand this.
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    Uk insurance

    I don't see why insurance companies aren't covering drones in case of burglary.. What the heck is that? I can understand not covering accidental damage... but someone taking your property is someone taking your property no matter what the property is.
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    And to be accurate - if it is written on the forum it's libel ;)
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    Crash Phantom 3A

    would be ironic if it was a bird strike.... sorry for your loss :(
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    Repeal the Drone ban

    I agree.... we don't have a "right" to fly anywhere we want... we have to be careful as a community to be cognizant of other people's rights as well (including the right to be in the national parks without the constant buzzing of Quads/Drones. I'd love to be able to film some of those cool...
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    Aircraft Identification Guide for Airline Pilots

    OK I LOL'd at this :)
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    Just have to vent...

    That sucks... sounds like you kept your cool.. and let him call the sheriff - you weren't doing anything wrong. What a punk...
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    So some idiot shot my phantom3 advanced WITH 22.

    exaggeration ;) It's 112. sheeeeesh.....
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    drone-crash map: 116 and counting

    Lies... that was the year of the great dog crap famine..... Pennsylvania was particularly hard hit.
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    drone-crash map: 116 and counting

    Well I'll bother... because it's a point well made: it is 0.0232 percent.
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    Litchi for p3p

    The one thing I will say about pre-programmed waypoints - is that all three of my crashes on my P2 (I have not crashed either of my P3's knock on wood)... were caused by my trying to get too "cute" with my flight pattern and making a mistake with where a tree was or (once) not taking into...
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    Thinking of selling...

    Lots of people sell their Phantoms for parts on ebay... It's not going to fetch a whole lot though since the camera is one of the more expensive parts... sorry for your troubles :(