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    P3P Camera will not pan

    Oh, you mean "Tilt" is not working. Flown my P3P a couple hundred times, and never had problems.
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    Phantom 4 Pro V.2 occusync vs regular P4 Pro

    I'm finally able to upgrade from my P3P (I've actually loved this bird, and it has been a great flyer for me), and will buy a P4P. I'm only wondering if it is worth the investment to get the built-in 1080P on the remote, or chance video signal quality issues I get using my Samsung mini tablet...
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    NO GPS or Other Data in Video Metadata Info

    I'm finally a regular again doing some aerial shoots. I did one yesterday and found, when I got home, that each still photo had all the needed GPS, altitude and other metadata (I used Adobe Bridge to sort through all my footage and do preliminary touch-ups). Bridge shows all the file's...
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    Should i upgrade to new firmware ?

    Since I did the firmware update, and the DJI Pilot App, I cannot find a way to bump my image size up from 960x540 to a higher resolution. This is maddening ....
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    Phantom 3 Pro Photos In 960X540 - Can't Find Settings To Change It

    I did a shoot yesterday, and on going through all the photos I'm seeing they are all in 960x540 RAW. I want to shoot RAW, but I want to kick the resolution up. Where did DJI hide the settings for resolution? Thanks for any help on this .... as I am scratching hair out by now .... Bob
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    Point of Interest Not Working

    We finally got some favorable weather, so I thought I'd try a POI shoot. I got my engines started, took off to a height of 12 meters overhead. I set my RC, and I did get the screens you showed here. I selected POI, and thought it would step me through the setup. But I kept getting an alert...
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    Point of Interest Not Working

    Just one more question (I'm charging everything up as I write this) ..... Will I still need to flip my RC switch from P to F before I tap this on-screen icon?
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    Point of Interest Not Working

    Thanks so much buddy! I figured something had changed. I read what I thought was the updates User Manual, but for some reason didn't get this (probably me!).
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    Point of Interest Not Working

    I've been away for a little while, travelling with a video crew in South America, and couldn't take my Phantom 3 Pro. I'm trying to set up a POI flight, and am set up for "Enable Multi Mode". I'm following a video tutorial from a couple years ago, and am finding that switch to "F" mode is not...
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    Phantom models? What is happening?

    Rumours have it that Apple is poised for a takeover/purchase of DJI.
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    Lost Phantom 3 Professional

    Upload your flight log if you don't mind ... so we can take a look at it .....
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    Whats the difference 24fps or 25fps

    If your film is going to be broadcast on UK TV, it will be transmitted at 25fps. If you’ve made a 25fps feature film that isn’t quite long enough for distributors to classify it as a feature, the extra running time you squeeze from exhibiting it at 24fps might make the difference. If you shoot...
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    P3P attempted flyaway, lost control, need help

    I always re-calibrate the compass after a FW update (P3P and Controller), even if I fly near, or at, the same location. I do fly often, these days, in populated urban areas. I'm always a little on edge about the bird locking in to position. So far ..... so good. Read the book, and always...
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    P3P freefall into ocean

    My wife and I always take our thick rubber landing [and takeoff] pad. It's 42"x 42", and gives us adequate protection against particle debris blowing up into the motors from the prop-wash. We do a fair amount of flying at the beach, and have noticed a few others flyers, over the last few...
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    Updated Controller Firmware - Now Horrible Video Signal

    No worries ..... Yes, the Shield is a very good machine, with a hi-res display. And the HDMI interface is great for us working-class photographers/videographers. I also think DJI fixed that video signal problem caused by the last FW version and Go App. Both had updates released today.