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    Phantom 4 - Video downlink issue after 1.8.0 remote update

    I've been tearing my hair out trying to solve this problem for two days. Your post and Litchi saved the day. Thanks for taking time to share your findings Ricky. Top man!
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    Flying from inside house or car anyone?

    Great thread Jeremiah I'm a new convert and after reading the thread I purchased the MaxxUAV Evolite Kit Plus from Jakes European distributor Frederick. The Sunhan amps appear to be working ok and when using the supplied DBS antenna I get solid blue lights on both amps when connected to my P4...
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    Ladybower Reservoir: Peak District UK National Park

    I know the area well. Beautiful lighting, great photo
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    Peveril Castle, Derbyshire, UK

    Early morning shoot at Peveril Castle in Derbyshire using a x32 ND filter to keep shutter speed at 1/50. Despite using D-log I had difficulty getting shadow detail. I think I will reshoot in cloudy bright or hazy sun to capture more detail in the valley area.
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    Litchi app on Android

    JBG I’ve checked all my settings again and, as its dark outside, I've carried out a few tests setting up waypoints without flying. It is becoming clear that if I set up waypoints above 500m I get the message “One or more waypoints are far away” and the mission refuses to load. If I restrict...
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    Litchi app on Android

    Yes, I'm set to metric and the DJI Go app has a waypoint distance limit of 500m and this cannot be exceeded. That's the reason I am using the Litchi app. I should point out that I am flying the Inspire 1 and not a Phantom. I know this is a Phantom thread but there is no dedicated thread on...
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    Litchi app on Android

    JBG I cannot find any distance limit in the Litchi settings? I have set my "Map safe area radius" to 750 metres and I have set min and max altitudes but I cannot find any reference to limit distance. Am I missing something?
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    Litchi app on Android

    Hi Kaehn This morning I set out with my Inspire 1 to produce some video for a friend who farms 290 acres. I set up just 5 waypoints for my first flight, the furthest being 542 metres away and the copter refused to fly coming up with the message “One or more waypoints are far away” I was under...
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    Litchi app on Android

    Thanks Kaehn for your prompt response. Much appreciated and it is refreshing to see such a good online support service. Struggling to find a Nvidia Shield, it looks like Ebay is my only hope, I will keep on trying. It’s early days yet but I already love the App. Keep up the good work. Eric
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    Litchi app on Android

    I am using the latest Inspire firmware v1.4.0.10. and v1.3.0.0 on the remote controller. The Galaxy Tab S2 is running Android 5.0.2 and I have the video decoding already set to hardware. Litchi is the only app running. After reading the Help guidelines I followed the instructions to downgrade...
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    Litchi app on Android

    I am having similar problems to Blueacre. I have been running my Inspire 1 using the DJI Go app on my iPad for a few months now without problems. I like the look and extra flexibility of Litchi so today I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Android Tablet and dowloaded Litchi. The app connected...
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    The DJI Bad Battery Registry

    I have 3 batteries, the first one purchased with my P2 about a year ago is now giving problems. Details below: Battery No.: 1 Cycles: 44 Percent life: 86% Autoland percent: 45 - 55% Autoland time: 7-8 mins Puffing: none Damage: none Serial No.: 24892 Round/square contacts: round Battery looks...