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    Battery Charge Blues

    If the battery is already at least 75%, turn the battery on before charging.
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    Finally broke it...

    Yep, the P2V+ seems to be a pretty reliable, and repairable, bird. I've flown mine for 2¼ years now. Repairs, all due to crashes, include new camera unit, new body, and new GPS unit. Oh, and several sets of props. One battery went bad on me. Caused the quad to do emergency land in the middle of...
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    P2+ out of control

    Sorry to hear of your misfortune. Don't understand how you can throttle up with the controller off. Sounds like maybe the copter went into the RTH mode. How did you "terminate the flight"? Is it possible that if you turn the controller off while the copter is still being held up, it hasn't...
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    First flyaway experience, hopefully the last

    Even after the compass is correctly calibrated, I believe one should not take off very near steel structures because it gives the compass an initial bad reading, then tries to correct itself after takeoff. I'm sure the bridge concrete has rebars throughout its volume. That could contribute to...
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    Backwards compatible battery?

    Just make sure you buy a V2+ battery, not the V3 battery. That one has a higher voltage.
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    Phantom repair. BEWARE.

    Excellent suggestions!
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    Weird Ground Station Behavior

    You might try to reinstall the Vision app on your smartphone.
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    Bad battery?

    I had a battery with a similar problem: sudden drop in charge level and emergency landing after a 10-min flight. Replaced the battery and all's well. BTW, if the gimbal isn't working (responding to commands nor providing a stable platform) I'd use the gimbal lock to hold in place, as you're doing.
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    Flight log??

    I believe the next upgrade of FPV Booster is going to include a way to externally store and to delete logs. That should be all you need then. Now they are only storable on the app.
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    Flight log??

    FPV Booster app stores flight data and flight path automatically if you use iOS version. You'll have to purchase, Booster, then purchase Camera and Tracker as in-app purchases. Whole package costs about $25. It works fine for me and has many extras.
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    How long has your craft made it, MTBF (Mean time between failure)

    Have had my V2+ for 13 months now. One self-induced crash (required new camera) and one failed battery caused crash (required new shell). Total flight time probably around 100 hours. Still looking good!
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    What to do with a Phantom with a broken camera...

    Not being a electronics nerd, I'd just buy a new camera. None-the-less, very cool!
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    Battery failure (again!)

    I had a similar problem with a battery. First time the V2 descended into a bean field, second time it hit a pine tree and crashed. Those bad batteries suddenly drop in voltage enough to send the V2 home. Threw it away after the second event. Hope you rewarded that person for retrieving your copter!
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    Discussion about an ideal case for the P2V+

    Not familiar with their old ones. The current foam is solid, precut and very tough. I don't think it will deteriorate any time soon.