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    ultimate height possible if no limitations...?

    I saw a You Tube Video some time ago can't find the URL but, This chinese guy put a phantom in a big hard plastic box which had a vacum cleaner attached to it, in suck mode. He started the phantom which recorded its home point at 0 meters. He then switched off the vacum cleaner to equalise the...
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    Would appreciate suggestions (yaw rate)

    I have got over this problem. Instead of using the yaw control . Select intelligent Flight modes., and set up an ORBIT manouver. The camera can look inside or outside the circle, the set a required speed and orbit. The bigger the radius set the slow and more precise is the yaw effect. You...
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    P4 Firmware Advisable to update or no?

    I came across a gold mine, on Ebay, a Phantom 3 Pro . I only wanted it for the gimbal and offered £300. The seller agreed but was apologetic when he said it hadn't been updated since he bought it in October 2015 with V1.4.0010 It flies perfectly, no interference from DJI, no Wi Fi interference...
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    drone flight calculations

    Good Lens angle calculator at ,%22m%22:1}']Points in Focus
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    Are landing mats causing a problem with drone compass calibration?

    I feel better now, no wonder I could never land the drone back on the mat.
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    Just how far will the phantom 3 standard go

    I ran my P3P out 2.5 miles and that's in the UK with CE restrictrictions. (16DBM) Its on You Tube Called "Two and a half run with the phantom 3" at this url You tube Phantom 3 run I did use a DB mods attenae and had good line of site. I turned around when the control signal got scrappy but...
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    Some questions about p3p. May seem stupid

    Actually follow me is the the wrong term . What actually happens is the aircraft sets up a certain range and bearing from a gps source (phone or tablet) to the aircraft. Then if you move away it will follow you. If you move towards the aircraft you will push it back. All explained in here...
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    Airborne Over Water

    Besides turning off the VPS here is another fatal problem. DJI in their wisdom have placed a 15km diameter enhanced warning zone near where I fly over the sea. Flying and not being online the aircraft goes straight into landing mode when it hits the side of this zone. No big splash just a nice...
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    Camera shade

    I use a long lens 8.5mm, and gimbal twitch due to prop wash is a problem. This solves it it and make a nice shade.
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    Precision landing - not so much anymore

    GPS is not meant to work better than +/- four metres at best. If it does any better you are in a good configeration for sattelites, with no structures nearby that can cause multipath reflections. Even a seperate gps that uses differential or is WAAS enabled will not get better than +/- 2...
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    P3P cracked shell, thoughts?

    You know how annoying it is when you get those fine hairline cracks around the motor mount as Photo 1. Easy to miss. Well what I found even more exasperating, was that it tilts the motor, and the props hit the fuselage making a hole as Photo 2 Photo 2.jpg After a while the blade gets...
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    UK - New Drone laws for 2018

    I agree with the new laws in the UK, they seem reasonable. There is a really good app for IOS or android Called "Drone Assist" it by NATS who control Air Traffic in this country. It shows really good Maps that are official. There are switches to differentiate, Airspace Areas of increased risk...
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    NEW Drone LAWS & Rules 2018 - UK

    Lookingdown Yes you certanly do need a TV licence, it cost about $192. It applys to watching on the internet as well. If you are caught without one you are liable for a fine of $1300 and (Wait for it) a CRIMINAL RECORD. A criminal record will prevent a Brit from...
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    Vibrating video recordings

    I had this problem on a brand new gimball and camera that I brought after a crash. It was more noticeable when flying fast forward or descending rapidly. I turn out that both sets of screws holding the gimbal parts to their motor shafts where just loose. Test for this by holding the motor body...
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    NFZ wrong ????

    I am from Reading England, Near me I cannot take off near "Reading Prison". This place is a museum, and was last a prison 25 years ago. I recently travelled 70 miles to the sea to shoot some sail boats at a particular location , (Near Hengisbury Head). Again the AC would not start because it was...