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    A drone with a nail gun.....

    Albert Einstein: "Perfection of means and confusion of goals... characterize our age."
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    $28k worth of fines

    Sorry, I don't see a problem.
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    Maybe an age limit, say above 15 years old.
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    Help regarding the Cape Cod Canal

    Hi PO3SMITH, Couple of thoughts regarding flying over the Cape Cod Canal: First, flying over the canal has been forbidden for as long as I’ve known. Second, there may be a number of reasons that the canal operators don’t want you flying over the canal; hazard to navigation, seamen...
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    107 pilots needed

    I’m in Foxboro MA. What’s the plan? Randy Wilhite
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    For Sale Polar Pro Filters for Phantom 3 Pro-Advanced-Standard & P4

    508 878 0055. Trying to do all with my phone as I’m out right now. If we miss today next week is fine. I’m not sure I can log into PayPal from here but I’ll send the payment today when I get home.
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    Drone detection at airports

    Taking a drone in the windshield could be fatal, prop on my plane a little over $4000. Bodywork on leading edge of empennage or wing could easily cause loss of control leading to serious injuries in plane and on the ground. There are too many problems to list. How about flying our drones where...
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    Gatwick airport closed due drone reported in area

    That was considered, but rejected because of the danger from the stray bullets.
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    New user from the Northeast

    Good luck from Plainville,Massachusetts. (Next to Foxboro, home of The worlds greatest football team!)
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    Another close call at 2500+ feet

    This is going to hurt someone badly sometime. As a private and drone pilot I see the need to keep the altitude limit at 400'. If I ever see a drone it will be too late to miss it and the windshield on my plane wouldn't even slow it down. If it missed the windshield and hit the propeller, the...