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    Uncertified Rogue Commercial Drone Operators

    Watching from the land down under..... Where women grown and drones plund..... oh wait a minute that's not how it's goes..... Sorry for the SOH Seriously though are there any Aussies that care to chime in? My thought bubbles for the time being The law and subsequent enforcement folks...
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    Phantom 4 hand catch problem

    Prop guards didn't stop damage on a flip over landing gone wrong. I now hand catch most of the time Removed prop guards because they obstruct footage too much at ANY speed. At least the props themselves on appear slightly, when flying faster
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    P4 "Bounce" on Landing

    Haven't had my P4 long - flew a mates around and landed no issues. Flew mine a few times landed no issues. Enter a slightly Windy/gusty day - upon landing my P4 flipped. New props needed but no other damage thnk fk! After a few nerves and worries, I decided to switch to hand catching and...
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    Climbed way above max altitude

    Hmmm perhaps that's why I get an error msg saying I have two flight modes set..... I'll plug it in and check all this out Thanks OP
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    Climbed way above max altitude

    Interested in this thread... I had my Max distance set to 120m. I reviewed a log that said Max altitude was over 900m!!! No WAY I actually went anywhere close to that so I did wonder why the discrepancy, I just figured it was an error. Also Max distance reads over 5kms but again I've never...
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    Charging DJI Phantom batteries in the field

    Reading this thread makes me think I'm doing something wrong... I have an ARKPAK running a 120 amp HR car battery. I use this mostly for camping, running the fridge, lights etc. So instead of having a dual battery in my 4x4 I have this portable option. The unit has 2 Cig lighter socket ports...
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    Annoyance Factor

    Haha let the Aussies join in too..... Any insurance you might hold be it part of the car registration (3rd party insurance) or even Full Comp insurance, if your licence is suspended or whatever you are NOT covered by insurance. It's also worth reminding insurance companies don't change pending...
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    Hand catch my p4

    I've had my P4 for a very short time (1 week, 20 flights, 2.5hr flight time) so am very very new as you can see. The only issue or crash I had was on one landing (using the both sticks to bottom centre) on a slightly gusty/windy day where it landed but promptly flipped over destroying all the...
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    New Member Intro > Canberra Australia

    Thanks everyone!
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    Hey everyone, Here's my channel > which is my 2nd account and it's fairly new as well so I've only a few videos up atm however I will definitely subscribe to some of the channels in this list, esp if you subscribe me too! ;) B-Droned Channel
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    New Member Intro > Canberra Australia

    Hi All, Terrific forum, have been an avid reader for sometime and during the research and learn phase. Enjoying the raft of information the forum holds. Being a motorcycle racer (dirt and road) we have been filming for quite some time (check out Team Cunningstunts!) and wishing drones were...