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    an odd effect when photographing auroras on a ship

    Man I don't see anything wrong with any of your pictures,I was mesmerized couldn't stop watching videos then watched the pictures they were so nice I could hear the wind and feel the cold you have one of the best jobs on earth!!Great Job!!
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    Can you have too many drones?

    Hey GeeBee I'd get rid of better half and keep all three drones(,just kidding)I too have all three started with Phantom 2,when they were over $1,000 I paid $500,then came Spark $400 from DJI,then Mavic Pro Alpine white package,3 batteries $600 plus extras,priceless!!get rid of Phantom too big to...
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    German Shepherd destroyed my P3 4k

    I would make that dog pay for it or take him to Judge Judy Court!!(don't mean to make fun of ure lost,but you have such a powerful looking dog,it can take it)Why were you driving around didn't you have eyes on ure Phantom?
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    possible repair after crash please help

    Do you need a gimbal for P2 I have two one H3&H4 text me or call 631-816-3272
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    Drone Operator Stupidity

    Pat being a AFB was it a soldier or someone else in the area?I know those bases are miles in size so could it only of been a soldier and there is no way of finding him or her out?
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    FAA Stickers

    While I was looking it up to buy I asked my son to do it and he already had one so I made 3 with my FA number & telephone number,right?
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    FAA Stickers

    Yes talking about Stickers to put on my drones,guess I'm buying a Dymo Label maker,Thank You
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    FAA Stickers

    Where is the best place & best looking FAA Registration to buy & from whom,where please advise!Thank You in advance & Happy Flying in The New Year.
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    Largest christmastree in the world!

    That's a nice tower with lights but here is a real Christmas Tree,enjoy
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    Zenmuse H3-3D for trade for 2 Spark Batteries

    Want to trade a new Zenmuse H3-3D for 2 Spark batteries
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    Do I need two drones?

    Did you just ask this guy with a credit card for a donation or what?So he works for a living affording himself a credit card and you tell him to donate instead of spending his money on himself to have fun,are you for real!**** the nerve of some people!
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    possible repair after crash please help

    I have two H3-3D one is fine one has something wrong with it can't remember but DJI refused to fix it
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    Long Island NY Phantom Owners

    I don't want to give my secret spot away but all you Long Islanders learning to fly I keep telling you guys about the Soccer Field off the L.I.E on the West Side service road exit 63
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    Phantom 2 Vision+ sold

    Hey DHaag you still have it I'll buy I'm in Long Island,N.Y.
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    Phantom 4 for sale

    How much you asking