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    Poor signal from ground station to phantom

    Did that help a lot? What is the range now?
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    Ground Station antenna upgrade?

    Does this help a lot, where can it be found
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    working on the groundstation

    Looks good I'm working on one too, it's harder then it looks
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    P4 external battery mod operation

    Not range I mean battery life, which I guess will equal more range
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    P4 external battery mod operation

    I tried it and made sure it worked, but the batteries I bought need to be split so I'm trying to figure out how to do that. But it does work as soon as I get the batteries split I will do some test to see range
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    Phantom 4 new battery clip/mod

    This is awesome I just posted my experience in doing the mod through the drone (not fun) wish I saw this before I tore my whole drone apart, anyhow I survived, this little mod is awesome
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    P4 external battery mod operation

    Hello all thought I would share my experience with doing the external battery mod. Overall the job was a pain in butt, I would happily pay someone $250 to do it had I had to do it over again. Also right after I took it all apart I saw that Uavmaxx (I believe that's the company/guys name) has...
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    Splitting batteries for p4 battery mod

    Hello all and thanks in advance for any help. Recently I performed the stressful operation on my drone to enable me to add two external batteries to my drone, anyhow I bought 4 batteries 6600 4s 14.8 volt batteries. I saw them for sale on that website that people send there drone to, in which...
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    Drone World - Firebridge RC, Internal Boosters

    Like you wanna buy it