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    Problem with app crash on my samsung s7 edge

    My S7 and TabS stopped working correctly after the last round of GoApp updates. Ended up losing a Mavic into the ocean as a direct result and replaced the phone and tablet with an iPad. I am refusing any further updates now and will stay on my current setup as long as I can.
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    Litchi app for phantom 4

    Works better on ipad mini 4 than any android device i ever owned.
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    DJI updates

    Originally posted on mavic pilots... Roll back FW to earlier version while you can. Don't update DJIGo4 by not allowing it to operate when Internet is active - means not using maps. Download Litchi - I'm not a Litchi fanboy but i will start using it if i require maps. I am sick to death of...
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    New Upgrade to go will not work with my ipad without cell service??

    The last DJI GO update has caused me grief as the FPV now has huge lag and constantly green screens. Mavic is fine though and the Inspire works using the older app. P4 is no longer reliable after the last FORCED update. Reset the tablet, removed unnecessary apps and checked background processes...
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    Should I be concerned?

    Same here, try bending the spring thingy's under the prop slightly upward. Several youtube vids on howto. Mine is silky smooth again and I can't see why it rectifies the rumbling but it does! Sent from my SM-G930F using PhantomPilots mobile app
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    Figured out what was causing the "yo-yo" on my P4!

    Sent my P4 for repair to fix the yoyo effect. Everything above the gimbal was changed. No further issues with yoyo. P4 is now steady as a flying rock! Sent from my SM-G930F using PhantomPilots mobile app
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    Aerial videos I would like to see

    There are many videos with aerial eye candy accompanied by music but after a while when watching them they pretty much become the same. Harbors, hills, boats, mountains, lakes etc with usually background music. These are quite often interesting videos produced by clever people but they all lack...
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    Do all p4 owners experience yoyo when stopping?

    I sent my P4 for repair. Body was replaced but gimbal is original. Have only tested on one battery so far but appears to fly without any further yoyo issues.
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    Someone threatened me to call the cops on me today while flying my drone

    Jane & Joe Citizen seem to think they are incredibly interesting, surrounded by their interesting possessions in their interesting locations and always doing things that they think would be interesting for evil drone operators to film and show everyone in the world via YouTube. Drone operators...
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    Do all p4 owners experience yoyo when stopping?

    My P4 yoyo'ed so badly it made getting usable footage nearly impossible. Several hours of flight and all i managed was 10 minutes of usable non-yoyo'ing footage. DJI Ken refused to acknowledge there was a problem with yoyo'ing and insisted I return the P4 for repair. 2 days later after sending...
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    Anyone using Sony Vegas Pro....

    Here are some templates I have used: There is an NTSC option if you search for it.. Hope that helps.
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    Anyone using Sony Vegas Pro....

    In the render window select "render same format as source file" !?
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    What should DJI do for the P5?

    They should get the product right when released. Should work straight out of the box without having to upgrade FW ever! The product should be durable with clear comprehensive instructions covering all points. There should also be better after sales customer service and full range of spare parts...
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    New Firmware 1.2.503 for Phantom 4

    Feel free to change "car" to "very expensive remote controlled toy car" running smack into a brick wall and being smashed to pieces because of a defect regardless of whether it is a SW or HW issue! Sheesh!
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    New Firmware 1.2.503 for Phantom 4

    Downgraded all the way, pressed the reset button, upgraded 1 FW release at a time and tested each upgrade. Re-Calibrated VPS and pretty much dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's. I contacted DJI via their forum and was advised quite firmly "HW issue, return it for repair". Then a couple...