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    Video feed issues

    Recently I have been experiencing video feed problems where only the top 1/4 of the feed was viewable and the rest of the screen below was a black/ green mess which obviously made the Phantom very hard to operate/orient. Finally, I decided to stop the Phantom from automatically picking the best...
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    sport mode overload??

    Happened to me once in sport mode too!
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    *UPDATE* P3P flips after only seconds in the air and lands hard in the water

    I had an Inspire flip on me. Took off and then abruptly turned upside down and crashed. We determined the cause was that a prop came off; I hadn't put it on all the way. Did you find a prop away from the rest of the aircraft? That's got to be it.
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    ND filter

    I own the Polar Pro and had been happy with it till I realized that when I would fly sideways to my left, sometimes the camera would start to shake terribly. I later realized that it was the additional weight of the filter putting a strain on the gimbal. Once I removed it, the problem went away.
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    Poll: Who is from Florida?

    Fort. Lauderdale!
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    Removing the lens to put filters on. Any suggestions?

    Thanks guys. Less was more.
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    Not impressed with Polarpro business practices.

    Just got mine this morning! Unfortunately, removing the old lens is proving to be very difficult. Any suggestions? Don't want to mess up the gimbal. Adam
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    Removing the lens to put filters on. Any suggestions?

    My Polar Pro filters arrived this morning and as I suspected, I am struggling to remove the lens the Phantom shipped with. It sure is screwed on tight and that thing is so delicate that I don't want to risk messing up the gimbal. Any suggestions?
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    Not impressed with Polarpro business practices.

    Had the exact same issue, got the same response. Checked last night and it says that it shipped and is expected this Monday.
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    Video Signal Gets Laggy and Choppy

    I was just about to post the same problem when I stumbled across this thread. I am having this issue too except I am using the android version on a Note 4. Really poor frame rates. It seems that this just started happening. Maybe this came with the new firmware update? Sucks...