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    Drones approved by Transport Canada

    Hello @jthompsonsk , Prepare yourself for some speculation and m y opinion...I doubt that the P3P would be certified. What would be the motivation for the manufacturer to do so? DJI would much rather you run out and buy new. By all accounts it does not appear that the P4P is even in...
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    Drones approved by Transport Canada

    Did anyone post this yet? DJI Drones Comply With New Transport Canada Requirements For Advanced Operations
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    Extreme cold weather flying

    Put the P4P up at -25C today thanks to @3rdof5 and the test flight info. At 91m (300') AGL and 450m (1500') away 7 minutes into the flight the battery had climbed from an initial temp of 20C to 33C. Brought it home for a fully charged battery (swapped at +50% ~aiming for more like 65) and...
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    In Canada, after June 1st. what are you likely to face?

    Lol @Hendricks. I much prefer my black P4P over the white P4P due the the visibility factor...that white disappears far too quickly. VLOS is subjective for sure. What is not subjective is flying over crowds, within 100' (30m) of bystanders near manned aircraft (Helicopters most likely) and...
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    @3rdof5 - The UAV Site Selection Tool is a nice touch and kudo's for posting that. As a commercial operator I simply use ForeFlight (which was handy when a NOTAM is required), but this is a quick and easy free reference tool for all operators alike. @DavidGnew Regarding the updated rules, It...
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    Canada' proposed new 2018 drone rules

    For our first SFOC application we had the good folks at the Foremost UAS Training Center assist us. If you have not heard of Foremost it is worthwhile checking it out. the first Restricted airspace for UAV flights in North America (from my knowledge there is only one other in the world in...
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    Canada' proposed new 2018 drone rules

    We (non-recreational users) have had this 400' ceiling since day one however additionally, small UA (complex operations) also have the added ceiling of 100' above a building or structure. If we are inspecting a 400' tower, this allows one the ability to go over the top of this tower. Some...
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    Hi St. John's, The proposal for the new regulations was highlighted in the Canada Gazette, July 2017. I noted July simply as a reference to the anniversary of these proposed regulations however it is unknown when the regulations will change or if they will for that matter. Further to the...
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    Hello I am a Canuk - new to this forum and see that there is no answers in the thread? Best place to go is our FAA - Transport Canada. From what I gather it appears that we have similar rules as you do in the states. Fly your drone: below 90 m above the ground at least 30 m away from...