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    DJI Phantom 2 Vision + Shell

    If your still looking for a PV2 shell check with these folks.
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    One transmitter question

    I have a question for those with RC experience. If you have two Pv2's using the same version, let's say 3.02, can you configure one transmitter to fly both pv2's at different times? Thus not having to carry and maintain two transmitters.
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    POLL: Average age of a Phantom flyer

    I will be 66 this month. Started flying RC fixed wing in my early 20's. Progressed to Heli's. Now I have a PV2 and the plus. Enjoying them both very much. Also, teaching my grand kids the fun of RC. WOW life is good.
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    What My P2V Thinks It Sounds Like

    Awesome. Well done.
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    This is getting ridiculous. In February after about 10 flights I noticed cracks developing on pv2 chassis. No problem ordered a new chassis and replaced it. After 15 flights I checked the chassis again, and discovered cracks developing in the same location on the new chassis. Maybe I should go...
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    The Phantom 2 Vision main controller firmware has been upgra

    Re: The Phantom 2 Vision main controller firmware has been u Just completed the upgrade. All seems fine. Set distance and height at forty feet. PV2 stops and GPS lights turn from green to red and maintains 40 and 40. So far so good I guess time will tell the real story. :)
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    Cracked frame

    Noticed yesterday while flying and taking pictures of my house and the surrounding area that the pictures were blurring. After landing the PV2 I noticed a crack or fracture of the body near one of the motor mounts. Just another bad day. Only flown the PV2 five times and no crashes. :evil:
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    Printers being used

    Been reading posts on the forum about camera Len filters, gimbals, and software to enhance photo quality. There are many beautiful photos being posted. I’m curious to know what type of printers are being used to print finished photos. I’m sure there are many. Just thought I would ask.
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    How Do You Stream Video Live?

    You might try using an Apple TV device and using an iPad connection with the PV2. What you see on the iPad screen will display on the screen via airdrop. Works on a smaller scale an is HD.
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    Question -- Phantom vision 2

    Can someone tell me if this DJI iPad GroundStation 2.4Ghz Bluetooth Datalink , will function on the phantom vision 2. Thank you.