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  1. Solly747400
    What are we looking at?
  2. Heliflyer7
    Likewise on the Yaw exponential, that has certainly helped me in the smoothness as well. And agreed on the 4k cropping, very impressed with end results using that quite extensively. Thanks again...
  3. KCadby
    Thanks and I agree on some advantages with 4K... Takes a lot of time but I have cropped some 4K video in PDirector befroe out putting to 1080 with good results... It isn't easy to always Yaw...
  4. Heliflyer7
    Very nice vid! Shooting in 4K does have it's disadvantages, but, it does give that extra little bit of sharpness in the final edit that I like, even if I output at 1080. I REALLY like the Ease-in...
  5. KCadby
    Since I'm in Florida it's always cool to see videos like this :) I almost always video at 1080 with my P3P just because that's the highest res. with 60fps setting :( ...(wishing I could afford a...