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Bonjour j'ai besoin d'aide svp je poséde un dji phantom 4 advanced et j'ai un problème de compas il me mais erreur et quand je le calibre toujour rien ? Sur un des 2 il y a marqué disconnected pouvez vous m'aider svp
Sorry for the bother but I'm Donnie Williams and live in the Sugarland/Richmond area. Your login ID caught my attention. I'm a subsea engineer also and your photo looked familiar but couldn't quite figure it out and was just wondering who you were. I've been laid off since May and have gotten more into drones also and wouldn't mind discussing it further if your still fooling with the drones.
Donnie Williams
Hi, I apologize that I am just seeing your message but no I haven't sold it yet. I still have it if interested.
Hi, I do apologize that I just saw your message but no I haven't sold it yet. I still have it if you're interested.
hello obviously new here , so looking for back up if i run into issues . as real humans who have tested the waters before me turn out to be better sources of information , i have had toy drones ,this is my first real one and have had it for two months and no maiden flight yet. small business owner and im a bit intimidated
Hey dude I seen your post about the magic power mod regarding the fcc mode....did you ever find out....I also done the mod but unsure what I'm getting with it......many thanks
Looking for tips, hints & specifics about what to look for (and where it is) to restore a slightly damaged ;
2020 ZLRC SG906 PRO 2 4K 5G GPS 3-Axis Gimbal Brushless Camera Drone.
I’m from SC I’m here in California now there anyplace to fly my phantom in Menifee or San Diego?
We were just gifted a Phantom 2 vision. Just saw the reviews on the app. Is there another app that works so we can take video or are we out of luck?

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