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Taking Phantom to Finland. Any problems/hints?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by f1nutter, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. f1nutter

    Dec 13, 2014
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    Staines, Middlesex, England
    Hi Guys,

    I am thinking of taking my Phantom 2 from the UK to Finland and Sweden, for some very scenic wintery videos; over frozen lakes, alongside dogsleds, snowmobiles, sunrise through trees covered in snow... you get the idea.

    The Phantom radio runs on 2.4GHz, FPV runs on 5.8GHz with 25mW power (UK legal max.), always line-of-sight.

    I was wondering if there are any local laws I need to be aware of, like customs clearence, frequencies, min/max distances etc. Any hints or tips?

  2. ExtraKim

    Aug 23, 2014
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    Kalmar, Sweden
    Finland got new UAS laws like a month ago. Can´t tell you much about it since I live in Sweden.

    Guidelines if you fly private/ as a hobby (if you do any commercial flying there´s more rules and you need authorizations): Max 25mW, always L-O-S, maxximum 120m vertical, and no dangerous flying (near people or animals).
    But if you want to take photos/be filming there´s more rules:

    Länsstyrelsen (county government): Basicaly they claim that you need a permit for all filming in public that is done without physicaly holding the camera in your hand. This means that you can´t do timelaps, you can´t use a actioncam on your car, you can´t leave a camera on a tripod, you can´t use a UAS and soo on.... The problem is that they won´t give you a permit for using a UAS even if you apply for one and pay the application fee of ~ € 400.
    This is their interpretation of the law, but since there haven´t any precedent-setting court cases no one knows if their interpretation of the law is valid. And frankly, no one cares ;)

    The Swedish Armed Forces: The Armed Forces require you to send in aerial photos and movies before you spread them (or publish them). We who live in Sweden have the opportunity to apply for self-right of scrutiny, it means that we get permission to distribute images and movies shot in a particular area without having to submit them to the armed forces for review.
    There is no cost to get the materials examined by the defense forces, it can however take some time to get it approved for publication (about a month).
    You may not take any aerial photos/movies of military installations, prisons service buildings, police stations, nuclear power plants, etc.
    This is the site with info about aerial photos, but I couldn´t find it in english. I will use google translate.
    http://www.forsvarsmakten.se/sv/om-mynd ... grafering/

    The text from the homepage in english:
    "Aerial photography and permits for photo spread
    For the dissemination of aerial photographs, and similar recordings, from aircraft over Swedish territory requires permission from the Armed Forces, according to § 6 Act (1993: 1742) on the protection of landscape information. Permission shall be granted if the spread can occur without the likely harm to the Swedish Total Defence.

    However, there is no longer any requirement of prior authorization for aerial photography over any part of Sweden, as long as no heightened alert is demanded or at other times by the Government with regard to Sweden's defense preparedness.

    It therefore does not require prior authorization for aerial photography or similar registration within the national territory at present, but always for the dissemination regardless of how this happens.


    In § 9 second paragraph of the Regulation on the protection of landscape information (1993: 1745) states that the Armed Forces handles permits to spread aerial photographs and other records from the aircraft.

    Consideration of permit as indicated above is handled within the Armed Forces at any of the military regions. The application must then be sent to any of the regions.

    There is no separate application form. Contact one of the military regions in question."

    Depening on where you have been filming you need to contact the specific military region that covers that area, there´s a list on the homepage.

    Basicaly, if you fly with common sence and not close to airports you will be fine. I haven´t had any problems yet, people are often curious and asking a lot of questions but I have never meet anyone that has been hostile.
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