**SOLD** Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian Used $875.00

Apr 1, 2018
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**Price reduced** Up for sale is my Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian edition drone from DJI. This was purchased in July of 2018 or thereabouts and was well used for several months, giving me lots of good performance and pics/videos. As I got more serious about my craft and started getting more high profile jobs, I decided to buy another P4P and crate this one, keeping it around as a backup if anything happened to the new one. Fast forward to today, after purchasing more P4P's, and I've now switched platforms, using the Mavic Pro 2 as my main workhorse and keeping my P4P as a backup should the Mavic fail. I decided to keep the newer of the P4P's that I have and sell the rest as I don't need that much hardware in reserve.

This drone is definitely used and may show nicks and scuff marks. For total disclosure I need to point out that the little access panels on both legs of the right landing gear popped out after a particularly hard hit. I tried flying indoors and it didn't go well; the drone went kind of haywire and I couldn't control it. When I managed to wrestle it to the ground, it hit harder and faster than I would have liked and the little access doors popped off. At some point, either when the panels popped off or when I tried to reinstall them, the little plastic "tabs" at the top of each panel broke off and so the top edge of the panels won't sit flush against the legs, as there are no tabs to snap into the slots any more. My solution to this is to just wrap a little band of duct tape around the legs to help hold the access panels on instead of trying to order these little parts.. See the picture of the panel in my hand, notice above the the printed "4" on the panel, at the top, you can see a little spot where the tab used to be. Also see the pics of the legs with the little band of duct tape wrapped around them. This in no way affects the flight of the drone or any other aspect of it. It is simply cosmetic at this point.

I'm asking $850 for the drone, the charging cable, one set of propellers, two batteries, the remote control, the gimbal storage protector, the original info packet that comes packed in the box, the grey styrofoam storage case, and the original retail box. Unfortunately I don't have the Obsidian batteries so you'll be receiving white ones. These are the high capacity batteries for the P4P. One battery has been charged 6 times, one battery has been charged 80 times. PayPal is accepted as well as Venmo and personal check. I can process a credit card as well but I'll have to tack on the credit card processing fee of 3% if we go that route.

**Note: I just realized that the picture with both legs taped showing doesn't show the access doors; they are on the other side of the leg. If you'll look at the picture which shows one leg, you can see the access door on the left side of that leg. Remember, the pic with two legs does not show what I'm trying to hold in place with duct tape.


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