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If you have lost your phantom 3 pro in the recent 1 &1/2 years ago or want one for parts here's the link below

Auction closes 4 hours,,no I not want it lol
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Yeh it sold for $188 which is cheap ,I dont have no p3 parts or remote and batterys left so cost would have added up,,dont know why but I always keep clear of the p3p,I dont know why that is,I love phantoms but had to sell them dirt cheap to help pay for dog operation, mini seemed ok and pretty cheap all things considered ,I just cant afford another phantom now days,I've just sold more stuff to cover another dog op to have lump removed off her shoulder, operation was on 20th April and after operation start they find out this lump has grown in with the tricep muscle so cant be removed so closed her back up,this is all after xrays done showing the lump could be taken out,well at least I tryed ,that operation could have been a phantom but had to help my dog,
I'll get another phantom before I die,my bucket list has one or 2 on there,hopefully sooner rather than later,miss my lot bad,the mini is a cup of tea compared to the phantom
Stay safe out there and keep well
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I feel for you. Life really can throw some punches. Sorry about your companion having so many problems. Bad thing I've had with dogs is you get so close to them and they have a short life expectancy. I think it is getting worse with too much interbreeding. The good thing is you'll never have a more devoted friend. I would have just sat on the p3p and left it on the shelf. That would have been the cheapest way to get back into drones when that day comes. Life is decisions. So sorry for what you are going through.
Thanks appreciate that,I'll admit I'm a lost sheep after that ,no flying or nothing, I don't drink but think I need one,hope yous are well in N.C

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