For Sale: Phantom 2 Vision +

Mint condition. Comes with upgraded controller with rotary dial for camera angle. All manuals,battery and charger. It's all set to fly.
$1,000 OBO

[email protected]
Just a "heads up" ...
B&H is selling the P2V+3.0 for $1099 now (, and that will fall precipitously over the next 4-6 months. I have a P3-Pro on order, but will probably buy a P2V+ in the future, but will buy one I can easily return if there's a problem, and I'll wait until the new price is $500.
That's the sad reality.
I'm still holding my original P2V, and for sentimental reasons .... because I know It's an antique at 1.5 years old.
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I'm kinda like bobomet here, seems everyone wants to sell for what you can buy a new unit from the dealer for. guess there's an arse for every seat. :confused:

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