1. brokenprops115

    Dolly Zoom Effect (Vertigo Effect) Without After Affects??

    Hi, I recently have been looking into a way to achieve the Dolly Zoom Effect with my P4A. I know what I need to do with my drone, but I have no way to edit the footage. I realize I can do it with After Effects, Vegas, Final Cut, etc. but I really don't want to spend a ton of cash on a software...
  2. J


    Hi! There are lots of discussions about digital/optical zooms, but I'd like to put forward one question, and pray that someone may have the prefect answer: Let's say I'm at an athletic games meeting (true story). I'm on the far side of the start of the men's 400 metres. My P4 is in the air...
  3. Rapscallion

    Phantom 4 Zoom using a controller rather than 'pinch'

    I understand that you can zoom in using the DJI app by pinching the screen. Is there a way set C2 to zoom in/out?
  4. Eagle Eye Drone Svc

    Swapping out P2+ Lenses

    Anyone have a link where I can purchase camera lenses that can magnify so I can swap it out with my current lens on my P2+ ?
  5. J

    P3A first impression and a couple of questions

    Hi guys, and kudos for a great forum. I've been reading here a while and have gained a lot of knowledge, so I finally had the guts to take my recently acquired P3A for a spin.:D I've been having a couple of flight in some nice, but freezing weather her in Norway, and I'm really loving the P3A...